How to Recover Your WordPress Blog When it is showing a Blank Screen?

Recently one of my friends WordPress blog suddenly became blank. It was a panic attack for her, but I suggested her how to recover your WordPress blog when it is showing a blank screen.

And hence, I am back into blogging with this post on how to recover or get rid of such issues, when in a blue moon you see that your well-established blog is showing a blank screen when you or some of your readers are opening it.

How to Recover Your WordPress Blog When it is showing a Blank Screen?

How to Recover Your WordPress Blog When it is showing a Blank Screen?

It will certainly give you goosebumps, but nothing to worry about. When I am there then you need not worry about it.

The Reason behind Blank Screen?

You might ask me when my blog was already fit and fine and was doing good until last night, then what the hell happened in between one night that it is showing a blank face to my readers? Well, let me tell you that actually it has happened because of some plugin.

As you, all know that plugins are the backbone of any WordPress site. You all know that plugins are one of the reasons other than many other reasons why I love WordPress over any other Content Management Systems. Though I have written many blogs on WordPress, but you can read some of my blogs on why to use WordPress or Why to use WordPress over Blogger? These blogs will clearly give you an idea why I love WordPress over any other CMS software.

So coming back to our original discussion, while developing our WordPress blog, we install so many plugins, some of which become obsolete or outdated after some time. If you don’t use any plugin, then I would suggest you to delete the same from your blog, else it might cause issues for you in future. So while some plugins are installed, and we missed updating it for some time, then on a fine day it might affect our blog as well.

If you failed to update any of your plugins then on any day it might affect your blog and the blog might display a blank page to its visitors. Even if you try to log in into the admin panel, you won’t get a success in doing so.

So what is the solution?

Well, it is a situation in which anyone can panic. You might feel that you lost all your hard works. But, let me tell you that you need not bother about it. You can also easily fix it out. Here is the solution of the problem:

Access Site through FTP

If you have the FTP details with you, then you should try accessing your site through any of the FTP client programs. In the normal scenario, you can easily be able to access it.

Change the Name of Plugins Folder

The solution of recovering your WordPress blog from such situation is to rename or change the plugins folder of your site. You need to visit the wp-content folder of your public_html section. Now you can right click on the plugins folder and rename the same. Give any other name like plugins-test or something else of your wish.

Log in Into Admin Panel

After finishing the same you can now see your website, but with very limited features on it. Don’t worry at all as your site is completely secured and everything can be recovered easily. You just need to login into your Admin panel.

Rename the Plugins folder Once Again

Next step is to rename the plugins folder once again from the FTP, which you changed earlier. Now you can access the plugins from the Admin panel and you can see that none of them are active at the moment.

Activate Plugins One by One

Now you just need to activate and update all plugins one by one. Meanwhile, if a particular plugin is giving trouble to you, like if you activated some plugin and found your WordPress blog on the same stage once again, then you can simply rename the same folder from the FTP, which will be inside the plugins folder over there.

Once you renamed the plugin folder which is giving trouble to your site, you can access the admin panel once again and you can also rename it back and delete it from your site.

This way you can easily get back your blog, which you thought went missing some time back. To be honest I made an eCommerce website a few years back and one fine day I found it too not loading. I initiated the same process and recovered it quite easily. By the way, those who are not aware that we can also make a complete eCommerce based website on WordPress might think that I am kidding, but it is a fact that we can make a fully functional eCommerce website through WordPress and sell some products online too.

Please do share your opinion about this blog of mine, I am hopeful that it is useful for you. Please do share your comments on it.

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