5 Predictions About Blogging Industry in 2015!

Many newbie bloggers ask me for predictions about blogging industry, as you all know that it is a randomly changing industry. Here is my blog on the 5 predictions about blogging industry in 2015.

Last week I thought to write on this topic and I in fact write the same too. Even I created a post on how to generate online leads for a company too, but unfortunately the system of mine got crashed and I was forced to format the same. This being the reason why I did not get the chance to post those blog posts.

5 Predictions About Blogging Industry in 2015!

5 Predictions About Blogging Industry in 2015!

I needed to write those posts once again and here I am doing the same. Many bloggers have concerns about the future of blogging industry. There are some people who wanted to be a blogger as well, but they too did not get the courage to be a blogger, since they know that it is a randomly changing industry.

5 Predictions About Blogging Industry in 2015!

Here are those five predictions which I can think about the blogging industry in 2015:

Importance of Content

The importance of quality content is ever increasing. With the constant changes in Google algorithms, as far as SEO is concerned, the content of any blog is becoming more and more important for the popularity of any blog. Gone are the days when people use to think that they can post anything on their blog and visitors will visit their blog to read the same.

It is the day when bloggers use to write informative, lengthy and useful content, else Google will throw them out of the competition and visitors won’t visit them. So if you ask me 2015 will be the year of informative and useful content, this being the reason why I would suggest every blogger to emphasize on putting quality content on their website.

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Brand Collaboration

One thing is for sure, blogging is becoming the most happening thing these days. It is the reason why brands and companies understand the importance of blogging towards their online marketing campaigns. This is the reason why brands are showing more and more interest towards sponsoring quality blogs.

If you ask me 2015 will be the year when more brands will come ahead for the collaboration with different bloggers and sponsor them for writing for their websites. Ideally businesses should have a business blog on their main website too.

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Tough Competition

Since blogging is attracting different groups of people, even students are becoming a blogger these days. This being the reason why different creative minds are coming into blogging and thus the competition about blogs are becoming tougher these days.

2015 will be the year when many new people will join hands in blogging and this will seriously create issue for old bloggers. If you are into blogging since last 5-6 years, and doing the things in the right way, you need not to worry about it, though if you are still going by the old rules of blogging then it is the time to think about your blogging strategy.

Try to come up with informative and useful posts for your readers so that they can get the satisfaction when they reach to your website and read it. Think about developing your blog for making your readers happy. This is something which Google is even emphasizing these days and if you can be able to do so will help you in natural search engine optimization of your website as well.

Think about the competition and try to overcome them. You should also read my blog on 7 ingredients which can make your blog a successful one.

Monetizing Your Blog

Many bloggers do consider that earning money from their blog is the only motto why they became a blogger. Frankly speaking monetizing your blog should not be the only goal of yours if you are into blogging. Although let me tell you the fact that since brands are coming ahead to collaborate with serious bloggers, I guess 2015 and coming years are definitely going to be good for bloggers who are trying to monetize their blog.

The only thing which is required from bloggers is their professional approach towards blogging. Try to develop content for your blog in a professional manner, try to develop the look and feel of your blog in a professional way.

As I said many a times that blogging is not all about earning huge money from your blog, the first target of any blogger should be to earn respect among readers. It will help you to build authority and it will actually help your blog to monetize as well.

As far as monetizing a blog is concerned, I guess here are the three blogs of mine which can be useful and worth for you:

How to Make Money from Blogging and one more blog with the same title.

How Can You Earn From Your Blog?

Focus on Your Blog

If you are not serious about the bounce rate of your website or the time spent by your visitors, then I guess it is the time to think about them. 2015 and coming years are the age when bloggers must need to think about some vital stats on their blog. These are the bounce rate, site loading time, time spent on your blog, etc. of your blog.

Remember Google is too serious about the user satisfaction and these are some of the terms to measure the same. These are some of the vital stats based on which Google decides the quality of your blog and ranks them accordingly.

Do remember the fact that if you clicked on any link of your site (on some other site) and it is taking hell lot of time to load, then it is a sign of danger for you. Don’t forget to check these blog posts of mine which might help you to focus on these things:

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Importance of Page Loading Time on your Blog!

It is almost the end of the first quarter of the year 2015, but still 9 more months are there in the year 2015 and I guess you all can take benefit of the tips which I shared here in coming days. Before the end of the year I will come up with another post which should explain about the things which can be useful at that time or for the coming year.

Hope you liked this blog post of mine. Please do share your opinion about it in the form of comments over here.

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