Best Possible Natural Ways to Cure a Cold & Cough!

Cold and cough are very common, especially during winters. Unfortunately many of us believe that there is no cure for a cold, but it’s not true. Read on this blog to know the best possible natural ways to cure a cold & cough.

Best Possible Natural Ways to Cure a Cold

Normally I have seen that we hesitate to consult a doctor for cold and cough, as we treat them as a very minor issue, and we also believe that it will be rectified automatically within a few days.

Up to an extent this approach of ours is genuine too.

But unfortunately, this situation can make us feel uncomfortable and it might force us to take some rest, which we cannot because of our other commitments.

Natural Ways to Cure a Cold

Natural Ways to Cure a Cold

So, what are the options we left with? Either, we can consult a doctor, which we won’t prefer much, or we can opt for some natural ways to cure it.

My personal opinion about cold and cough is that we can go for some natural ways to cure it, rather than going for some medicines.

Here are the ways to do so:


One of the best things which we can do to get relief from the side effects of cold and cough is to gargle on a regular interval. Dry or sore throat always becomes a big concern for us during cold.

Well, gargling can only bring a temporary relief, and the best results can be achieved if you do it with Luke warm water with a teaspoon of salt dissolved in it.

Sometimes you won’t like this taste of water with salt combination; in that case you might use a bit of baking soda with it.

When I said that gargling can only bring a temporary relief, which clearly means you will have to repeat this process for the duration of around 4-6 hours, try doing gargle at least around 3-4 times in a day.


Around two years back I write a post on top 10 benefits of honey; the first benefits which I mentioned over there was related to sore throats only.

It’s a fact that raw honey is one of the best possible and natural ways to strengthen the immunity system of your body. Either you can directly take a spoonful of honey or if you don’t like the taste of it then you can simply mix them with tea or warm water.

Benefits of Honey during Cold

Benefits of Honey during Cold

But yes, those who are suffering from diabetes are not recommended to take honey.


Again I will refer to one old blog post of mine on the health benefits of ginger in our life. Well, to be very precise the very first point which I mentioned in this blog is also about the use of ginger for curing cold and flu.

You can also eat ginger directly, rather than eating it directly take a small piece of it and sip it slowly-slowly. The fluid which will come from ginger will help you too much.

Health Benefits of Ginger

Health Benefits of Ginger

I am quite sure many of us won’t like the taste of ginger, and it becomes hard for them to swallow it. Those people might prepare tea with ginger, and if possible you can also avoid milk in it, it will definitely help them during cold and cough.

Tip of the Post

Tip of the Post

Tip of the Post

Those who are suffering with too much cough, they might prepare a teaspoon of the juice of ginger and a bit of honey mixed with it, it gives instant relief from cough.


Steam treatment is considered as one of the best possible natural ways to get relief during cold and cough, as suggested by one of my twitter friends Ruchi. You can check this conversation out here:

Steam can always be helpful in clearing your head, as it naturally goes above. When you take it, it will clear you head in a very smooth way and will definitely relax you.

To get the steam treatment you can also take a hot shower or bath to get relief from cold.

Am I crazy who is suggesting someone to take shower or bath during cold?

Lol, to be very frank, if you are suffering from cold it doesn’t mean that you should avoid showers or don’t bath. To be very frank, it actually helps to cure cold in a very fast way. Use warm water which your body might be able to tolerate while taking shower or bath and see the differences.

On the other hand you can also directly take steam, boil a pot of water and take the steam from it. You can cover your head with a towel to get the most of it.

Try Hot Liquids

Hot liquids like tea, coffee, etc. will help you to remove the nasal congestion, and it will also help your body to fight against dehydration which normally happens during cold.

As I said already that tea with ginger, or honey, or herbal tea are too much beneficial for one who is suffering from cold.

If you don’t like tea, you might also prepare a cup of hot water, honey and lemon mixture, and sip it as tea. It will also help you.

Doing Exercise / Yoga

As I already mentioned about the tweet suggested by my friend on twitter, she also suggested about doing pranayama (one of the most popular yoga varieties), or exercise to get relief from cold.

To know more about pranayama you might check:

Take lots of Vitamin C Rich Fruits

It’s a normal myth that fruits like oranges, lemon etc. are not good for the person who is suffering from cold. To be very frank Vitamin C rich fruits are very much helpful to prevent cold. They have the cold preventing property, which again helps us to get away from cold.

Try to eat oranges, or drink orange juice, and fruits like strawberries, kiwis, etc. You might also take leafy green vegetables which you might get during winters. These will definitely help you during cold and cough season.

Eat Phyllanthus Emblica / Indian Gooseberry / Amla

Well, one of the most beneficial thing which you might get during winters is Amla (Indian Gooseberry), believe me I personally eat around 2 pieces of the same on a daily basis during winters.

They are a natural supplement which boosts the immunity system of our body and prevents us from cold and cough. Not only these; Amla are even good for diabetic patients as well.

I will definitely plan a blog in coming days about the benefits of Amla.


Well, garlic is a wonder drug. It has so many benefits. I am sharing one of my old blog posts on 10 benefits of garlic over here.

Benefits of Garlic

Benefits of Garlic

In fact raw garlic, similar to raw honey or ginger, provide us relieve against cold symptoms.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line of the post is that if you are suffering from cold and coughs then give some rest to your body. Don’t give so much stress to your body in between cold. Don’t try to fly unless it is too necessary. You can also use an extra pillow under your head while resting. This will help you in breathing easy during cold. You can prepare a mix of crushed or grated ginger, along with honey (as we said earlier), and a bit of lemon juice, along with a generous splash of apple cider vinegar. You might store it for your use in case of emergency. You can take a tablespoon of it during every 2-4 hours gap.

Please don’t hesitate in sharing your opinion about this blog. You might share your opinion, feedback, or any other suggestion related to this topic in the form of comments.

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