How to be Happy in Early Morning!

The toughest task in the morning is to wake up on time. Getting up at the first ring of alarm is the most unusual case among most of us. Snooze is what saves most of us from reaching on time to our work places. Being woken up by the angry tone of your Mom is most uncalled moment for each one of us. It is said that if you have a happy morning, the whole day goes happy. So what I am trying to say is if you want a good productive and happy day, you should have a happy morning. And for the tips of having a happy early morning is what I am here for.

Music is something that really makes your day beautiful and colourful. Starting your day with music is an apt way of having a placid morning. Try keeping your alarm tone of the song you like or switch on light music you love while you get started with the daily chores of the day. Some people may also prefer hymns early in the morning and believe me, you’ll yourself feel the difference of starting your day with and without music. You can even go jogging or walking with head phones plugged into your ears.

Nature is at its best in the morning. Make a connection with nature early in the morning and believe me, the fresh air is sure to give you a splendid experience of calmness. Taking in the morning fresh is also good for health. Never miss out on the fresh air of the morning. The beautiful and colourful butterflies, the free birds in the sky and walking on dew dropped grass are a true bliss for human by God. Meditation, exercise, jog, walk, do any physical work out in the out and you’ll be promised of a happy early morning.

How to be Happy in Early Morning!

Now this tip is just for the married people around here. Nothing can match the beauty of the morning than having the first cup of tea of the day with your partner. Love surely has no time but a day that starts with having a look at your beloved sleeping by your side is definitely the most content moment of your life. Spending time with your partner and talking out things before both of you go out to work at your respective work places is something I believe is truly a great way of connection and happy early mornings.

A hungry man is always unfit for work and most probably is said to have the worst of moods around. And that is why eating your breakfast at the proper time in the morning can save you from being moody throughout the day and sulk around for trivial reasons. Wake up in such a manner that you never get too late to skip your breakfast. You may skip out on any meal but you should never miss out on your morning breakfast as this will keep you alert in the morning when you reach office as well as save you from the unnecessary temper you might spread all over your work place. Trust me, for a productive day you ought to have your breakfast.

Mornings are always going to be fresh and happy if you sleep on time. Follow the mantra of ‘early to bed and early to rise’ and you will always have a joyous morning that would bring out happier day for you. Waking up early has its own advantages. You never have to rush about things; you can always get ready at your own pace and not miss out on your daily jog and breakfast or complete small errands that have been left out.

Stay optimistic in every situation. It often happens that you may be through a phase of failure in your career or you may be experiencing lows in your relation but that surely doesn’t mean that good days won’t ever kiss your feet. Success and happiness will find your way too and you really don’t have to be too sad and sulk about in the morning. It’s okay, things have been bad but they will be fine soon. Learn from your mistakes and pledge to work on them so that you come out with flying colours. Wake up with new and better hopes for hopes and efforts multiply to give in success.

Having a goal or target for each morning brings a new zeal and enthusiasm in you, something that instigates you to work out your way through the obstacles and helps you perform better. Having an objective for the day will make you wake up with focus and concentration. You will feel happy and content for you know you have a mission to complete for the day. Write out your target before you go to sleep and also think about ways to solve out the same so that you know what for you have this day and how you are going to bring about things together.

If you are parent then I would advice you to wake your child in a loving and affectionate way rather than shouting and scolding him early in the morning for not waking up on time. It’s okay to not be able to wake up on time, remember even you had the same state when you were at his stage. And wouldn’t you hate being woken up by a scolding voice. There are other means to wake him up as well. You could try playing soft music in his room or promise him a ride to the water park in the evening if he wakes up on time. As a child is very sensitive and you will have to take extra care to make his morning happy. And won’t you be extra happy if you see your kid having a happy day. Yes, which parent wouldn’t be? For a parent’s happiness lies in the happiness of his own child.

These were a few tips to make your mornings happy. Hope they help you out.

Till then, take care :)

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