Some Food Tips to Make you Fit!

Healthy eating should be an integral part of your diet. You just can’t remain hungry all day long to achieve the perfect figure. Bringing in wise eating in your daily schedule will show big results in your diet chart.

Did you know that among the top reasons for over eating are your friends and group of company or just because if your simply bored? Yes, it often becomes difficult to say no to friends when you are out with them. We often grab a bite of snacks when we are tired or simply bored. Your crockery is also a reason for over eating. Wondering how? Well big plates and bowls amount to bigger portions of food leading to over eating. Now this one is for alcoholics, drinking too much for the day may bring to having more of food, making you over eat. So keep an eye on how much you drink. Eating too fast may also be a reason. For example if you have your lunch in 15 minutes but you have had it in ten minutes, you are most probably going to have some more.

Missing meals is the biggest blunder you could do to your body. In no way will it make you lose weight, it’ll only make you weak. And you often overindulge yourself in your next meal resulting in all the more eating. Bread and potatoes do not have to be fully avoided, what you have to watch is the amount you are having. You jut can’t skip starchy foods from your diet for they are a good source of carbohydrates. While losing weight, we think to cut on our full plate meal. The fact is you have to increase it with vegetables rather than the heavy oily food. Incresing your exercise levels will maximise your loss of fat and minimise your lean muscles. Make realistic changes. Purchasing chips and chocolates for yourself and your kids can be harming so don’t indulge in this. And the most important thing, plan your diet and follow it as well.

Some Food Tips to Make you Fit!

There are a few foods that enhance your exercise performance. Having easily digestible foods like fruits that contain fibre, Vitamin C and antioxidants help a lot to boosts up your energy during workout. You may have Greek yoghurt as a pre-meal to workout, it helps enhance your performance. It contains twice the proteins of normal yoghurt and is a good source of carbohydrate. Bran cereals being high on fibre help a lot in increasing your exercise levels. Eating protein such as chicken and eggs within one hour of exercise works wonders for your body. Liquid meals during short intervals not only help to let your stomach full but are also a good source of nutrients.

Instead of grabbing a high calorie chocolate brownie to suffice your short lived hunger, go in for light and healthy snacks. Chicken and pitta bread are low on fat and calories and believe me they are yummy too. Readymade hummus is available in the market. Team it up with oatcakes and some vegetable sticks for your lunch. Tandoori chicken breast and mixed bean salad will not help your taste buds but also your tummy. Add spinach to your dal, have it with brown rice. It does wonders for you. And for that little drink you wanna have, go for a tomato soup or any other soup you like instead of the sugary fizz you have daily.

Having almonds and apricots for that small evening snacks or that short meal within meals is a very good option. They are high on protein and fibre, work as a good antioxidant and apart from that help lower your risk of cancer. Mix a potion of honey with yoghurt and trust me you’ll not only have nutrition but will also remain fit. Yoghurt is low on fat and high on calcium and studies show that people gained less fat through yoghurt than other daily products. Mango is a healthy fruit option which is high on fibre and its sweetness will help you not eye for the chocolate cakes and pateries. Sugar filled milk chocolates aren’t the best deal but your craving for chocolate can well be helped by dark chocolate which helps reduce high pressure and has twice the magnesium and iron of milk chocolate. Roasted chickpeas are simple to make and are low on fat plus high on fibre.

While dieting, many of us have the cravings for sugar. And this is because the diet during weight loss regime may be too low on calories. This results in blood sugar levels being low. Research says deprivation and restrictions make us crave for more. In order to cope up with your cravings, you should have high amount of fluids. Try to focus on something else rather than the chocolate pastry you have been craving for. Just the way i am doing, I am writing for distraction even though I had been craving for a chocolate pastry sometime back. Avoid buying tempting stuff while you go to your supermarket. Eating little at regular intervals helps greatly and also helps suffice your hunger for long. Skipping your breakfast could be one blunder you might be doing for your body. It helps maintain energy levels till lunch time.

Grapefruit helps a lot in weight loss. Having half a grapefruit before meals and drinking its juice three times a day will help you lose quite a number of pounds. Cinnamon is the magical spice that controls the post meal insulin spikes. It helps low blood sugar and cholesterol. Having low calorie salad before meals can help lose a lot of weight. Adding olive oil and balsamic vinegar in your salad is a perfect healthy combo for salad. Green tea is a perfect brew with healthy benefits. It’s a good pre workout drink and burn out a lot many calories allowing you to exercise more. Lentils are a good source of packing up your hunger with giving you extra fat and calories.

These are a few tips from my side. Do you have some? Pour them out below.

Till then Stay healthy and Stay Fit!!!

Take Care.

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