How to Spend the Valentine Day in a Perfect Way!

Whether you are a newly married couple or the one celebrating their 25th anniversary, you do need to celebrate Valentine’s Day, isn’t it? There is just one day for love in the whole year so couples who have lost the time of celebrating love in the course of marriage and children this day should be especially reserved just for each other leaving your kids behind with grandma. And to the other couples who are quite excited about the day we bring to you a few ideas of celebrating the day love in a special manner.

And yes for the singles Valentine’s is not going to be boring because you’ll be receiving info on that too in the next article so don’t you get disheartened. Till then couples have a look at this:


The most classic way of enjoying Valentine’s Day is having a quit candle light dinner at the terrace with slow romantic music in the background. Hold each other’s hand and lose yourself in the eyes of your date. I assure you this going to be a magical moment for both of you. Just let your imagine go as far as it can. Don’t just go for the conventional ideas. Add some creativity to the conventional ideas. And if any of you have read “Anything for you Ma’am” by Tushar Raheja you must be well aware of how lovely the candle light dinner at the terrace was.


This one is especially for the long ago married couples. Hasn’t it been ages since both of you enjoyed a holiday together? Take a break from your busy lives and set out for some romantic destination. Treat each other with exotic moments. Relive your honeymoon days. Enjoy as if you’ve just begun dating. Go back to the days when your journey had just started off. These will b the moments you would cherish in your life.


Plan a night out. Pick up your back pack and your bike. Set up a camp and go wild. Arrange for champagne and cake for the midnight celebration. And then spend the whole night as you wish, partying together or holding each other in your arms. It’s your choice, your moment and your time.

How to Spend the Valentine Day in a Perfect Way!


Take a day off from your work and stay by each other’s side the whole day doing sweet nothings for each other. Spend the day doing things you don’t do in your daily routine. Prepare your breakfast together. Play scrabble or any board game you people like to play together. Stays clasped in each other’s arms under the quilt for long hours or enjoy the sun. May be you could bake your Valentine cake together. Make your eating style romantic by feeding each other, having food in the same plate or take a big piece in between your teeth and feed him half the portion through your mouth. Take your romance to wildest level it can reach. After all it’s the day of love, celebrate it your way.


Plan out a movie together. Hasn’t it been long since you guys went for a movie together? Remember the college days when you would flock at very movie that hit the screen. Yes it’s time to do the same again. It’s not necessary to watch the latest movie in some mall, you guys could watch the first movie you saw together at home itself lying own lazily over one another.


Enjoy your Valentine’s Day this year by reliving your first date. Go to the place where you had your first date and enjoy thinking about how you took each other then and how these years have brought a change in your relationship. You are going to love your partner all the more after this date.


Take your partner for a long drive. Enjoy the moments of togetherness with each other on the car or bike, whichever you find suitable enough. Feed your man while he is driving. Stop the car for a while and have fun in the car itself. After all this you guys could run to some nearby hotel and enjoy the rest of the day.


Join some hobby classes which both of you love to do. You could get yourself booked for dance classes or cookery or art classes as well. The aim is to spend time with each other as much as you can. Express yourself to each other and rekindle the flame of passion which had become dull for a while.


How about celebrating this Valentine day by getting involved in Adventure sports. Won’t it be lovely holding each other tightly as you dive into the sky high above everyone? Lovely, isn’t it? What are you waiting for? Go get your kits; it’s time to para-glide together.


Music is often considered as the best way to communicate your feelings to each other. So just lie down by each other’s side and plug in the headphones, one in your ear and the other in your partner’s. Just keep listening and let the music do the talking. You could alternatively listen to the music with the speakers on and may be a song comes when you guys feel like dancing around. Don’t be shy, just dance to the tunes of love. Celebrate the day of love with music.

And there is another option for you, if your love is a fan of music you could book tickets for some music concert and you could enjoy the day with music all around.


And for all the couples who cannot leave around their family, you guys could had towards family picnic or it could b like family day out. Take your kids to some water park or someplace where they want to and enjoy the moments of love together with the whole of your family. After all it’s the day of love and love is just not meant for couples.

That is all for today and singles don’t worry there is an article for you too. It’s time to celebrate the day of love and don’t you love yourself? And who knows you might as well get the love of your life this Valentine. And to all the couples head to the best places and enjoy to your best. Have a great Valentine Day!!

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