Why Blogging is Important in Our Life?

Being a blogger, my blog are the assets of mine. Anything which I earned in my life is my blogs only. Why Blogging is important in our life?

Do you ever thought about it? Read on this blog post of mine to understand why blogging is important in our life.

I started blogging since 2006. Since there was no one who will guide me in blogging, I did learn everything as the things came into my life. I started my blogging career with BlogSpot blog like many other bloggers and then moved to self hosted WordPress blogs too.

Why Blogging is Important in Our Life?

Why Blogging is Important in Our Life?

The moment I started using self hosted blogs, I never turned back towards having a BlogSpot or WordPress.com blogs. From last 2-3 years many bloggers came into my life and became a part of my blogging journey. For them I became a friend, guide, teacher, philosopher and many more, as I am the person who feel happy in helping others to achieve their own goals.

As far as blogging is concerned, it always gives me happiness to help others to become a great blogger. So you can truly understand why blogging is important in my life, although I am creating this post for the sake of some benefits and importance of blogging in our life.

Why Blogging is Important in Our Life?

What will be your response if I ask this question to you that why blogging is important in your life? I guess you will say that you too love sharing your knowledge with others and influence others life with it. That is absolutely a perfect reason why blogging plays an important role in our life, but there are some other reasons as well.

Here are those some of the reasons:

Connect with Different People!

I do remember the era of 2001-02. It was the time when chatting was too common in India. I was not sure though what happiness chatting to unknown people give to many people out here. But when I see it with the angel of blogging now, I realize that blogging also gives an opportunity to connect with different people.

It is also a platform which gives us the ability to interact with different people who are actually unknown to us. And to be very frank, interacting with them and sharing what we know through our blogs actually gives us happiness too.

I don’t remember how many people I interacted in between since last two years, through my blog, lately most of them became good friends of mine too.

So I guess our blog is important in our life as it gives us the opportunity to connect with different people.

Gain More Knowledge

Undoubtedly when you blog about something, you need to read more about the same. When you write about a topic on your blog, you actually try not to share any misleading information. This is one of the reasons why blogging itself provides a learning environment.

So for me my blogs gives me the opportunity to gain more knowledge about the things which I already know and hence learning experience. This is the reason by blogging is so important in our life.

Share Your Experience

I guess it is the reason why many people actually blog. Sharing your experience is the reason why blogging is so important in our life. Through our blogs we have the opportunity to share our experience and it is a crucial thing.

If you know something, or good at something’s, I don’t think that there is any harm in sharing the same to the world. It simply will enhance you only as a person and will popularize you too.

Establish Yourself as an Expert

As I said above that blogging gives us the opportunity to share our knowledge and experience with the world, and hence it gives us an opportunity to establish ourselves as an expert in the field which we know about.

Who does not want to become an expert? I guess we all do want to be known as an expert in some field. I have seen many a people think that I am an expert in SEO or blogging field, which I am certainly not, but still people has this misconception and all credit of it goes to my blogs only.

So if you are a blogger, then you should take your blogs seriously as it is an opportunity which can establish yourself as an expert. While if you have not yet started blogging, then you should seriously think about starting it ASAP as it can help you to become an expert. Besides this you can also read my blog on why do you blog?

Gain Friends

As I said above too that blogging is one of the finest tools which can help us to gain so many friends. No doubt that every new blog post which you shares on your blog gives us an opportunity to be liked by many people and gain some new friends through it.

Making Money

Well, I guess this is the top most reasons why many people start blogging, but in my opinion it should be the last goal of blogging. While in the course of doing blogging if you are earning something out of it is not at all bad. But yes those who are living a life out of blogging only, for them it should be the top most and the most important reasons behind blogging.

Being a blogger you can earn some decent amount from it. Only thing which you need to know is how. Here are three blog posts of mine which might help you in understanding the thing how:

How can you Earn from Your Blog?

How to Make Money from Blogging?

How to Earn from Your Blog through Google Adsense?

So these were some of the reasons why I do believe that blogging is important in our life. Being a blogger our life rotates around our blog only. But there might be some other reasons which I might have missed over here or forget to mention here. I would request you all to share those in the form of comments so that we all can take benefits of it.

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