Get the Best WordPress Theme for Video!

When it comes to select the best WordPress themes for your website, it becomes a really tough task, especially when you are developing a site for videos; it becomes next to impossible to get the best WordPress theme for video.

Read on this blog post of mine to get the best WordPress theme for video sites. If you are planning to develop a site based on videos, either from YouTube, or your own videos, or from some other sites as well, then I guess you reached to the correct post.

Best WordPress Theme for Video

Best WordPress Theme for Video

There was a time when one very close friend of mine started a WP site on videos. He used to be a great video editor, and so he was interested in sharing his short videos to YouTube and then to this particular blog as well. It was the time when I suggested him to go with a WordPress site and develop a blog containing all the videos from his YouTube channel.

The idea was fine but the implementation was difficult. Reason being almost all the best WordPress themes were for blogs only that time. We researched a lot and came up with some free as well as premium themes as well, but none of them were satisfactory when it was coming to use for a video blog was concerned.

I guess it is not more than 2 years back story. And ultimately we compromised with the theme and gave it a shape of blog only.

Get the Best WordPress Theme for Video!

Getting WordPress themes for video sites was difficult a few years back, but it is not if you ask me today. I can suggest you one of the best WordPress theme for video sites, which can fulfill all your considerations required with such WordPress sites for videos.

Best Video WordPress Theme

Recently MyThemeShop came up with an impressive theme for WordPress sites mainly developed to display videos. They named it as Video Theme, and truly it is the finest themes for video I have ever seen for WordPress sites.

Features of Video WordPress Theme

Those bloggers who are aware of MyThemeShop need to introduction about the features which they offer for any WordPress theme. Video theme is yet another milestone by MTS and honestly they do have almost all the features which they usually provide with all of their themes. In addition it has some more features which make it perfect for video sites.

Let me elaborate on such of the features:

Fully Responsive Theme

If you have gone through the blog posts of mine on the SEO benefits of responsive web design and 9 WordPress mistakes to avoid in blogging, then I am sure you all are aware about the importance of having responsive themes on your site.

No doubt that Google is ready to punish sites which are non-mobile-friendly (read this post of mine)and it is something which none of SEO’s or webmasters can afford for their websites. So if you are planning to change the themes of your site, then the very first thing which you should look towards is whether the new theme is responsive or not?

Like all the themes developed by MyThemeShop, video is also a responsive theme. And the best thing is that it is 100% customizable as well.

Nice Layout

To be very frank, it has an addictive layout, which will make sure that your visitors should spend hours to watch videos on your site. Honestly if you see it, you will realize that it is like you are watching videos on YouTube only.


This best WordPress theme for video sites is having an option of making and managing playlists as well.

Watch Later

Not only you can add or remove videos to a playlist, but you can also get the features like watch later on this theme.


You know that stats matters a lot when it comes about videos, especially how many times a video was watched, play counts, etc. This theme has all those features inbuilt into it.

Like and Dislike Videos

One of the best features which actually makes this video theme as the best one is the like and dislike videos options which is coming inbuilt in it.

Unique Popup for Share Videos

You know that a video theme cannot be successful, unless and until it got likes and shares on social media sites. This theme is having a unique popup options to share your videos and has an inbuilt social media integrated which is quite helpful in publicizing videos in social sites.

Well Optimized

One of the reasons why I do love WordPress themes from MyThemeShop is that all of their themes are well optimized for search engines. The video theme is also SEO optimized and well coded theme.

So those were some of the features by the new theme of MyThemeShop and I guess other than these the features like setting up of featured images for videos, integrating Facebook comments with videos, showing views for videos integrated with YouTube, 3 different and unique post layouts, video runtime, so that users can get an idea about how long the video is and different homepage layouts are some advanced features which truly makes it the best WordPress theme for videos.

You can grab this theme from here: Best WordPress Theme for Video!

Please do share your opinion about this blog post and theme. You can share whatever you want to say about this post in the form of comments below.

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