How to Distribute Your Blog Content?

You do blogging, but are you aware about the ways to distribute your blog content? Only creating great content is not enough, you must need to ensure that it should reach to the mass. Read on this blog post of mine on how to distribute your blog content?

There are so many bloggers and content marketers out here, who do invest so much on their content. Be it financially, or be it time wise, efforts, etc. no matter how much investment you are doing on the content of your blog, but only creating a great content is not enough. You also need to make sure that it should reach to the mass.

How to Distribute Your Blog Content?

How to Distribute Your Blog Content?

There are so many outstanding bloggers out here, whose posts are being awaited by many people. Once it is published on their blog, so many people start commenting, sharing the same. Obviously they have worked so hard for so many years to achieve this reputation.

How can we think about getting the same treatment for our blogs as well?

It is really hard that people will reach to your blog on a daily basis. You don’t have a follower’s base of thousands. So how your blog will reach to the probable readers of your site? How can you distribute your blog content to its possible readers?

Content Distribution Channel

You might ask me about what are the channels through which we can distribute our blog content so that it can reach to the potential readers?

Ideally in my opinion you should focus on distributing content throughout different channels from the day you started your blog. I guess this is one of the blogging mistakes which I too made during past.

We normally think that since we are a new blogger and our blog is also new; so no one will show interest in reading our blog content. But you never know which content might attract different pool of readers and your blog might get the desired reader base?

So here are some of the content distribution channels on which every blogger should focus upon:

1. Search

Search Engines are one of the best content distribution channels to invest upon, though it is a medium which won’t start giving you results from the day one. It will start showing some results in not less than six months of time, though it is a channel on you must need to invest from the day one.

Before preparing the content, think about the search engine’s perspective of looking things. Prepare the key elements of your blog post based on the requirements of search engines. I am sure if you start doing search engine optimization from the day one, very soon you will start getting huge traffic from search engines.

2. Social

One of the huge content distribution channels is social media. Well, no one will be able to deny the impact of the sites like Facebook in our life. Other than FB, twitter is also one of the most popular social sites of our life.

If you have the proper content and channel (of course social) rest everything will follow you. You need not to chase traffic, brands, income, etc. for your blog, these things will come automatically. How can a person deny the importance of a brand presence on image sharing sites like Pinterest and Instagram?

Try to grow your social network, even before you start developing your first brand. Learn the tactics to increase the interactivity among your social network. All these things will return you very soon.

We can have different options with selecting social media networks as well, we can either go for a local area social network, or we can also go for global networks like FB, Twitter, G+, etc.

No matter which one are we selecting for the content distribution of our blog content, we must need to stick to it.

3. Email

There was a time when content marketers preferred email marketing as the best method to get traffic to their website. It was the easiest medium to get desired attention. But soon it lost its charm.

These days no one wants to invest their time and efforts on email marketing. Though as far bloggers are concerned, it can be utilized as the best medium to distribute your content. Have you ever heard the terms like blog subscription or subscribers?

Well, these are one of the best ways to make a list of all your potential readers. This way once you will publish a blog, all your subscribers will automatically get a notification mail about it. So they can easily reach to your new posts and read it.

4. Feeds

Feeds of your blog are another upgraded version of email subscribers only. This is an ideal option for those who don’t want to get email for every blog post which you are publishing on your blog.

Ideally, if a person is subscribed to your blog feeds, they will get the notifications when they will check their feed reader. This way your content will be distributed among your potential readers.

How to Distribute Your Blog Content?

So these were some of the channels through which you can distribute your blog content. But the main question which still remains the same is how?

  • How can we get the best results from SEO of our blog?
  • How can we get more subscribers to our blog?
  • How can we make the most of emails?
  • How can I distribute my new blog posts on social sites?

These were some of the burning questions which might be going through in your mind. Even when I was a newbie, I too faced all these questions. In fact I was not even aware about the channels through which I could have distributed my content. Though that was the time when social bookmarking sites were on a boom, and I utilized them badly to distribute my content. But it is a thing of past now, so what about these days?

Do SEO from the Beginning

The best ways to get an upper hand in SEO of your blog is that start doing it from the day one. You might take care of these things required for your blog post to come up on the first page of Google search. Don’t think that your blog is new and you cannot do SEO of your site.

This post on SEO can be useful for you:

What exactly is SEO?

If you won’t take care of the SEO Ranking Factors and SEO Trends 2015 for your blog from initially, it will definitely become a difficult task for you later.

Get Engage with Your Followers

It is very much crucial that you should get engage with your followers on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, etc. For distributing your content, these sites can become the best means, but you need to use them properly.

When I say using these sites properly, I do remember one blog post written by my wife Punam for how to maximize your social media presence, and believe me all these tips like setting up social media accounts, providing the options to your visitors for sharing the posts on these sites, giving value to your followers are some of the most genuine ways to get the maximum results from social media networks.

You might also get benefits from this blog post of mine on how to promote a new blog?

Make the Most of Emails

Though email marketing is a thing of past these days, but then you cannot completely strike it off as well. Mostly all the businesses sends email to their customers. If you are subscriber to a particular business then you can at least expect an email from them on a random basis. This is a way to remain updated with their latest things as well.

The same applies with the subscriber’s concept of blogs. Try to provide the option to your readers so that they can subscribe to your blog. This is the best way to increase the subscribers list of your blog, other than providing useful and quality content to your readers.

It is also true that not everyone will remember to check your blog daily to see if you are updating something or not. On the other hand if they are subscribed to your blog, they can easily get the notifications on their mail and soon land to your blog to check some posts on your blog.

So the secret of distributing your content to the maximum people, is to let your readers convert into the subscribers if your blog. Those who are really interested in reading your content, will be happy to become a subscriber of your site and will then start getting notifications about your new posts.

Interact with Influencers

The last but not the least suggestion which I might give to you all is to interact with influencers. You never know when any new post of yours can get the desired attraction of those influencers and they might share the same on their network. This is one of the finest ways to get the maximum attention of your blog.

Try to write content which can grab the attention of the inflencers and provide them the information which can compel them to share the same on their network.

So these were some of the ways through which you can easily distribute your content to the mass. Although I am getting the feeling that I must have missed discussing something very important related to this post. This is for the first time when I did not note down the points which I thought about this blog post, and while preparing this post, I took one additional day to write it off.

This is the reason why I always suggest every new blogger to prepare the list of points in earlier, so that you cannot miss something at the end. Though if you are thinking about something important which I might have missed over here, then you can suggest us the same below in the form of comments.

I will be awaiting your responses on this blog post of mine.

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