How to Make Your Life Simpler?

All of us want our life to be less complicated and easy going. But that generally doesn’t happen. With so many of us trying to manage home and office together life becomes too busy. Even though majority of us pass more than half of our lives in doing our work, we are unable to figure out the way of making it simpler. Complexities are surely a part of life and we cannot run away from hard work but we can work smarter, isn’t it?

There are certain aspects which we need to keep in mind in our day to day life but unfortunately we forget them. Small little things can turn into big at times. So maybe you haven’t given it a thought but you can do so now. Of course you won’t find a big difference in the initial level when you start on with them but you will get to know it soon that these small little things brought a big turn over in your life

The first thing you got to do is MAKE A LIST. List all the things you do daily or even if you don’t you are required to do. Jot down a list of people as well as things that matter to you, things that require your attention. Listing things helps you make better decisions in every sphere of life. Just list on the things that have to be done, important or unimportant.

The second thing you got to do is PRIORITIZE things. For example your kids, you know you have to take care of your kid’s studies and it is important to make him do his home work till he/she doesn’t grow big enough to do it himself or herself. So keep that as your daily task. You can’t omit that anyway. Another one could be cleaning up your house. These are your priorities if you are a woman and you have to manage them all.

Divide your list into two categories. PRIMARY chores and SECONDARY chores. Now that you have already listed things and you know that what your main concern is, you have to know what can be ELIMINATED in your secondary work list. There are many things which aren’t too necessary still we do it every day, one of them being hooked onto Facebook for no reason. You could use the same time for some productive work which could include official work as well as household chores.


Look for a few TECHNIQUES that will help you perform the tasks you have outlined as of now. It need not be the best of method, the only thing that it should have is your comfort. You should find the method comfortable and easy enough so that you can carry out the work properly.

Since we now have the techniques to perform the jobs the only thing that remains is their APPLICATION. And trust me that is the most difficult thing as all of us know that things are to be done in a certain manner but what we generally lack is CONVICTION. Build up that ‘will’ in you to apply those methods everyday so that you can bring simplicity in your life.

One thing why most of us lose onto our own resolution is PROPER TIME MANAGEMENT (Read this one too: How to Balance between Professional and Personal Life?). Introduce a proper time managing skill in you. Make yourself a daily routine and try to follow it. Give each activity you do a proper amount of time, if it is one hour it has to be one hour only. If leisure time means 45 minutes try not to stretch it more than 5-10 minutes. Time things in such a manner that the things that top your list get finished well in advance.

SAVE money. You may be earning a lot right now but this doesn’t mean the situation is going to be the same in future too. You never know when rough winds start blowing so save in advance so that in case of need you do not run empty hand. Nobody is asking you to stop enjoying; all that is required is saving a little every month as that is going to help you in case of emergency.

Learn to ACCEPT THINGS as they are. Things won’t change if you drool over them. As it is said “IF YOU CAN’T CHANGE THINGS CHANGE YOURSELF”. Always remember this rule in life; it will help you move forward in life. Instead of crying over the fact that things aren’t going your way, a better option would be working your way to success.

Adopt HEALTHY LIFESTYLE. Eat at the right time. Never skip breakfast and have light dinner. Don’t sleep just after having dinner. Give your tummy some time to digest the food. Follow the rule of “EARLY TO BED AND EARLY TO RISE”. Take PROPER SLEEP. On an average a human being requires at least eight hours of sleep, so never sleep less and please don’t oversleep too. It makes you more lethargic in the day.

COMMUNICATE with the right people. When we were kids our parents used to tell us to have good company and this statement is still true. When you communicate with a good company you become more creative and you give better results. Avoid gossips which lead to nothing but wastage of time. Leisure talk is surely a must but excess of unhealthy talks could be harmful to you.

LIMIT your SOCIAL NETWORKING. Social networking is a big part of our lives today but just like excess of anything is harmful this can be dangerous too. You lose onto a lot of work which you could have done very easily when you were busy playing game on FB. It is good to socialize with friends who are away from you but logging onto Facebook or Twitter for no reason could be damaging.

Indulge in HOBBIES. Never forget to give time to your hobbies. IN our fast driven lives we often forget to give time to things we love. Don’t ever do so. Pick up the paint brush if you haven’t done so since the past months. Go out and play your favorite sport.


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Blog Now Live Forever (BNLF) Meet Experience – by IndiBlogger!

Here are my experiences of attending the second edition of Blog...

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