Top Six Reasons for Break Up!

Most of us have been in and out of relationships leaving us hurt and broken. After a break up all we think is what went wrong but did you know the actual signs of break up were long back there, it’s just that only you were ignorant about it. And it’s not just you who is to be blamed for the break up; both the partners are responsible for the success and failure of a relationship. If you are going through the rough time of your relation or have just come out of a relation you do have some points to ponder here. And in case you are single or happily engaged to someone, do have a look for future references.

CHEATING: Accept it or not dumping one’s partner for someone else is one of the main reasons for break up. People say that they have grown out of the particular relationship and it’s time to move onto someone else. Some say that they found true love in this case; the previous relation couldn’t give them the love they wanted and lots of excuses but another woman in your man’s life or vice versa could pose a threat to your relation. It could be due to attraction, spending less time with you and more time with someone else or regular fights between you two. But the fact remains that a third person is the main cause for your break up.

MISUNDERSTANDING: The lack of understanding each other and coming to terms with each others behavior is an important reason for break up. Guys often find their gal to be nagging all the time for frivolous things whereas girls may find their partner quite careless. Whatever extremities you may possess in your behavior and habits, do remember they need to be balanced or else you may find yourself trapped in the web of quarrels and fights which when cross their limit result in separation.

UNBALANCED COMMUNICATION: This is another reason which could lead to break ups in today’s times. With better connectivity ways like mobile and internet, communication between partners has increased and along with the mobile companies offering the best of call rates. You will see hundreds of couple on phone some utilizing the night calling while some the 24 hour free calling. Apart from that it’s a common sight to see couples involved in video chatting. But sometimes a lot of communication and no space to partners often lead to misunderstanding and unavoidable fights.

Top Six Reasons for Break Up!

One scenario shows the couples involved with each other every minute while there is often a situation of long distance relation where you can’t meet in person for a longer duration of time than people who stay in the same place. Just talking and staying in contact through mobiles and internet is not enough. For a long distance relation to suffice, a whole amount of maturity and understanding is required. And meeting each other periodically is also a key factor for distanced relations.

So what I feel is that there should be a balanced amount of communication between partners, neither too much nor too less. If you talk too much and do not give each other the required amount of space. And if you talk too less then there is no relation basically; it’ll be only be called a relation in name and that’s all. Both the partners should discuss on the time management thing about this.

GROWING OUT OF LOVE: Sometimes this reason burns quite a few relations. This is not because a partner hasn’t been loyal enough or otherwise. This is because there has been monotony in your life which caused you guys to feel that you don’t feel the love for each other. So never forget to keep adding on that spark in your relation, keep trying different things in order to maintain a spark in your relation so that you do not become a victim of this ‘GROWING OUT OF LOVE’ thing.

NO EFFORTS FROM PARTNER’S SIDE: Okay you love your partner but don’t we fall in love to be happy and if all the efforts are being made by you and not your partner then probably it’s only you who values the relation. No relation works single handed; it’ll work only if both the partners are giving equal amount of time and love. Compromises from just one side won’t help out as the person sacrificing may feel frustrated and then break up wouldn’t be far away.

Though if there are such kinds of issues then the signs are quite easily visible and if you are able to figure it out you may be able to save your relation. A few starting streaks could be behavioral changes and irritation in your partner.

EXTRA DOMINANCE: Every person in this world is unique and possesses some qualities. He/ She has an identity of his/her own. Nobody will tolerate it if someone tries to dominate over their decisions and tries to change their lifestyle. In a relation a little bit of adjustment and compromise is acceptable but when one of the partners starts to behave in an improper manner then the trouble starts. It is quite common to hear from people that their partner has problem with who they speak to and how they work. Sometimes this kind of attitude leads to a hindrance in work station as well as in social life which in turn affects your personal life. Thoughts such as snatching your partner’s freedom and interfering in his work or not providing the proper space could come into the mind of your partner. So think before you start being over dominating and impulsive. You might lose your partner in your ego problem or over possessiveness.

This article is basically meant towards hundreds of break ups taking place in today’s era. There was a time when a pair was bonded forever. Love was once timeless but somehow it has become time pass now. It is very easy to break up and find a new person. There is a whole lot of depression and agony attacks that one goes through but a relation can be saved if we get aware of a few signs beforehand. If you love your partner you will never want to lose him/her, isn’t it?

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