How to Get Search Engine Ranking Without Doing SEO!

One question which I normally encounter is how to get search engine ranking without doing SEO or without knowing know-how of Search Engine Optimization?

Read on this blog post of mine in which I will try to guide you about the basics of Search Engine Optimization, popularly known as SEO, which can help you to get good search engine ranking for your website. And to do these you need not learn many technical kinds of stuff or do some hardcore link building or promotion of your website. I will suggest you some basic stuff only and you can get quality results from them only.

A few days back when I left my last organization, the Director of that organization asked me what are the things you worked upon to get search engine ranking of our website, the reason why he asked me this is that I worked over there for a very short span and they get plenty of good results (read Search Engine rankings) during that small tenure only.

How to Get Search Engine Ranking Without Doing SEO!

How to Get Search Engine Ranking Without Doing SEO!

How to Get Search Engine Ranking Without Doing SEO!

One thing which I realized lately, sometimes doing the very simple things can give you plenty of good results as far as SEO is concerned. People normally think that to get good rankings on Google or to get listed on the first page of Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP) requires so many advanced levels of things or technical stuff which are hard to manage by us. Some SEO expert can only handle that.

Truly speaking, I don’t consider myself as an SEO expert, I always say that I am still learning it, though I invested 12 golden years of my life learning SEO, but I can say that I learned only 5-7% of it in between.

So as I said sometimes people invest so much time in doing the Advanced level of SEO that they simply ignore the very basics of the Search Engine Optimization and thus get no results as compared to the time or efforts made by them. On the other hand, my formula is to do the basic things right and I have achieved quite great success in doing SEO of many websites with this formula only.

Let me guide you all about the basics of Search Engine Optimization which can give SEO benefits of your site and you can also get the response of the question of how to get search engine ranking without doing SEO?

Make Your Website for Your Visitors!

Google primarily emphasize on this from the very beginning that you should always make your website for your visitors and not for search engines.

If you analyze any website for SEO point of view, do check if it is User-friendly or not. Many times SEO’s and Webmasters start working on their website in a way which can help them for making it for Search Engines point of view, but it certainly doesn’t help them in making it as user-friendly.

So what are the things which we can do to make a website user-friendly? What are the things which can give us great results as far as SEO is concerned?

Proper Navigation

One most important thing which is usually ignored by many SEO’s and Webmasters is the proper navigation on your website. If you to visit a website, what do you expect from it? Generally, a clear hierarchy and text links which can guide you where to go now. Is not it true?

So why not to look for that on your own website first? Let us check your website if it has a clear hierarchy and proper navigational links are there on each page of your site or not? If it is made proper, half of your work is already done.

Simple funda is that each and every page of your website should be reachable from at least one text link on your website and it should not be too deep inside. There can be a maximum of the 3-4 level of links only on your site.

This is the first thing which I usually ask anyone if they come to me for developing a site. I ask them to develop a hierarchy of their website even before thinking to launch it. Let me give you an idea about it. The first level of your site is Home Page, the second level pages e.g. is About Us, Contact Us, Services, Blog, etc. and the third level pages e.g. is SEO Services, SMO Services, PPC Services, Blogs on your Blog section, etc.

Quality Content

The second basic thing required for the SEO success of any website is having quality content. Now you might ask me how anyone can define quality content.

Well, my response is any content written without many grammatical errors, simple to understand to the visitor and which has some value for its readers is Quality Content in my opinion.

I would give a very basic example, my blog can be a waste for many, and they can come up with so many grammatical errors in it, and can also suggest so many things to improve in it, but for those who are looking for the responses for which my blog is meant for can get some value from it. So it remains useful for those who are coming to my blog to read the simple solutions of their problem and it simply solves the purpose of my blog.

This way I can say that my blogs are a quality content for such readers. Similarly, when you are thinking about the SEO of any website, the second thing which you should look for is if the content is user-friendly or not?

If it does not then make them user-friendly.

Duplicate Content

Although it is the part of the previous point only, but I would count them as a separate point as it is highly important for the SEO success of any website. Many times, knowingly or unknowingly, we make our own website to suffer because of duplicate content issue.

Like in many of the organizations in which I worked in the past, I realized that not many people are actually aware of it. They willingly put content on their website which remains a duplicate copy for Google. It can be possible that you yourself are using the same content on some other site and which makes your own site as a culprit of using duplicate content.

Sometimes websites have to come up with User-Generated content too, which many times causes a duplicate content issue.

So as per me, if you are thinking about doing SEO of any website look for proper navigation, and then for quality content and then also make sure that your website should not have to face the duplicate content issue. What else?

Meta Tags

Now it comes to the role of a Search Engine Optimizer, but believe me, it is also not like that you cannot make a better set of Meta Tags than any other SEO guy. People consider the role of keywords into it. It is true that keywords play a vital role in defining Meta Tag, but still, you can also develop them from the point of view of your visitors and it will certainly give you SEO benefits.

Here are few things which you can consider while making a Meta Tag for your web pages. Remember you need to think about all your web pages. Never make a mistake of using the same set of Meta Tags for all the pages of your website. It is harmful, so ignore it. The first thing which you need is a relevant Title Tag. The title tag is the first thing which user see on the browser or on search engines too.

So do you suggest using keywords in the Title tag? Many of my friends ask me this and my response to this question is certainly. We do need to use keywords into it, but doing keyword research is a bit difficult task, as far as newbies are concerned. So if you are also struggling with finding the perfect keywords for your site, then you can simply select the best-suited term for that particular page.

Next thing which you need to work upon is on Meta Description and Keywords. You can simply ignore the keywords section as well but do never ignore the Meta Description part. Believe me, it is not that hard to make a 160 character (including space) long description to define a particular web page.

Alt Tags

It is such a basic thing but majorly ignored by many webmasters. While developing a website many developers simply ignore putting alt tags for different images and it normally takes the default values and can stop gaining SEO benefit to your site.

What is an alt tag? Well, it is the short form of Alternative Tag, used to define images of your website. Search engines normally can’t read images of your website, they can crawl the alt tags for that image to understand what actually is there.

So I would never suggest anyone ignore alt tags on their website.


Frankly speaking, as per my experience many people might suggest you to look for Sitemap, and blah-blah things when it comes to doing SEO on your website. I never say that those advanced level of things are bad to do, or doesn’t return value to your site, but my concern is that if the basics of your website are not good, then what impact does those advanced level of things will do?

So, instead of looking for very complicated things, why not invest some time on the basics of online marketing? I usually do the same and it gives me results as well. Hope the MD of my previous organization is reading this blog post of mine and might understand all these things, but anyways my blog is not for those guys, it is for you who often come here to learn the basics of Search Engine Optimization.

So guys do tell me if this post provided some value to you? Do not forget to share your opinion about this blog post in the form of comments below. I will be waiting to hear about the feedback or suggestions about the blog on how to get search engine ranking without doing SEO?

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