A Sunday Well Spent at #BoltDrives and Some Amazing Bloggers!

Although I am not much active on blogging and bloggers world, but that was a phone call which I couldn’t be able to say no, and that was a call for a bloggers meet by Blog Adda, and I cannot be able to say No to that.

On a Sunday afternoon, a trip of some fellow bloggers, and that too a drive to Neemrana, how come a blogger heart say no to that. And especially when the call is from Blog Adda, whom I already said an unfortunate no in a past event, so this time when they call me for a Tata Bolt Drive it was so tempting that I never said a No to them.

It was a Sunday morning when around 15 bloggers which include some gorgeous beauties and some truly gems of blogging field like Mr. Arvind Passey and Mr. Jaideep Khanduja sir, etc. clubbed at Godfather lounge of the Galaxy Hotel, Gurgaon. The first encounter I had was with Mr. Harish Krishnan, with whom I talked so many times, but never get a chance to meet face to face.

And then I get the chance to meet Prasad one great travel blogger and we came to know that Priyanka Sachar is also in our team. Other than them Manjulika, Ragini, Priyanka, Akanksha, etc. were some more familiar faces out there.

Very soon we started the day with some really delicious snacks or starters and soon we were assigned to introduce our team in a new way, and fortunately we had Priyanka Sachar with us who take all the burden to introduce two of us, while she has very less information about us. Anyways the introduction round was a short one only and then we get the chance to take off the Get Set Bolt.

Truly the red colored Bolt was looking amazing to me, as I was a big fan of Tata Indica, so for me, Tata Bolt was an awesome car. And truly I enjoyed the ride and some other features of the same too. We had a suspension test as well, in which I draw the car while the car was going through some roller coaster ride.

It was a nice experience to test drive Revotron version and by the way I did not informed you about the Captain Bolt who interacted with us so many times during the journey and when he asked a few questions I replied for the question in which he asked which is the Petrol version of Tata Bolt and it’s answer was Revotron only, and he promised me to give a couple movie ticket, but am still waiting for those :)

But the ultimate moment of the day was when we reached Neemrana and enjoyed the scenic beauty. I won’t say anything about the place as you can yourself see the same in these pics.

#BoltDrives a Blog Adda initiative

#BoltDrives a Blog Adda initiative

#BoltDrives a Blog Adda initiative

#BoltDrives a Blog Adda initiative

Also the best moment of the day was when Tata Bolt team announced Ragini Puri as the winner of the new Tata Bolt car, and her expression was truly worth storing. Fortunately I got this click of hers, when she heard the big news:

It was truly a Sunday well spent at #BoltDrives with BOLT from TATA Motors in association with BlogAdda.

Leaving you all with a video which is displaying the ConnectNext feature of the Tata Bolt which I liked too much and I even said about it in the video byte which they took, but I don’t know when I will be able to see that particular video:

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