8 Actionable Content Marketing Tips for Small Businesses!

At this point of time, no business can ignore the power of the internet. Business owners must take action to grow their business by this amazing medium.

Since everybody knows that marketing is an inevitable part of their business plan, they need to include content marketing to circulate their message to an audience far and wide. Not so surprisingly, most of the business owners clearly understand the benefits of content marketing for their business. However, most of them just get clueless about how to take on content marketing to help them out!

Actionable Content Marketing Tips

Actionable Content Marketing Tips

So here, I am sharing a few actionable content marketing tips that, if implemented, can do wonders for your content marketing campaign. However, since it is a gradual process, you have to be patient to see worthy results.

An effective content marketing strategy can help you attract more traffic, hold the attention of your online visitors and convert your followers into leads! This is what you are targeting for!

8 Actionable Content Marketing Tips for Small Businesses!

So let’s start here…

Create a Content Plan

Are you serious about making your content marketing campaign successful? It’s time to get organized. Before anything else, create a plan and for that, you can use a simple and free tool like Google Calendar or Good Docs.

Create an outline of your plan. See what each month of the year looks like. Create a list of events, company related activities, seasonality, holidays and other things that are relevant to your industry.

Allot time for each activity

Yes, it is one of the most important tips I can share here because most people do not see results because they fail to allocate time for each activity. Take the time each week to create content ideas, research, and actually create content.

Conduct Research

Researching is another important aspect. Look at the websites of other business owners and social media channels to know what other people are talking about. It will give you an idea of what kind of content can help you with your business objectives and further your marketing potential. You need to track popular keywords, web tools and statistic about your industry to create an effective content.

Knowing your Target Audience

Knowing your target audience is important because any content strategy cannot be devised without having this information. Develop your content to solve the needs of your target audience because it should cater to their interests and expectations. To know who can be your potential customers, ask a few questions about who can be interested in your content, why will they read it, how can you convert your visitors into customers? You can create a content woven around answering such questions.

What to write about?

It’s a problem with most of the people. They find it difficult to find a content idea. Although they know their industry and can understand its issues, but they fail to present it in terms of the content. Moreover, content creation is a continuous activity; you cannot run out of content ideas.

However, there are several resources to solve this problem. Try to pick an idea from everywhere for instance, you can pick ideas from social media platforms you visit, see what people are talking about. Set Google alerts, subscribe to popular blogs in your industry. You can write how-to guides, personal stories, latest trends, inspiring content and more.

Develop an Engaging Content

It’s fine that you want to share information. However, how do you present that information also matters. Your content should be engaging. Develop a tone so that your readers can connect with you and understand your viewpoints. Break your content with proper subheadings to present the information in bits so that readers can grasp it. Also, support it with interesting but relevant images, infographics, video, etc.

If you are unable to find ideas or you find it difficult to write, it is better to outsource the content writing task to professionals so that you can focus on your core business.

Promote your Content

It is time to spread the word!

When you are done with writing a great piece of content, another phase of your content marketing campaign will start. Promoting the content. Pick a few social media platforms and share your content with your followers.  Besides sharing at these social media platforms, it is also important to evaluate its performance. If you are getting major traffic from a few platforms, leave others.

Wait for results

Look, content marketing is not an advertisement that gives instant results. Rather, it is more of a subtle approach that creates immense results in the long term. It results in developing a relationship with your potential customers who would believe in your expertise and quality of your work. So, be patient. In addition, keep monitoring and analyzing your efforts to take the best course of action.

These are a few basic content marketing tips. If you have any other tips, share here in the comments below.

Author Bio: Vandana Singhal is a freelance writer and blogger. She is there in this field of blogging and freelance writing for about 8 years. In this duration, she  has written a variety of content. She has a multi niche blog richpotpourri. Follow her at Twitter or Facebook.

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