Do You Blog As a Hobby or As a Profession?

If you are a blogger, then this discussion is for you. Do you blog as a hobby or as a profession? Let us discuss all this in this blog post.

Whether you are blogging as a hobby or as a profession?

Before discussing anything on this topic, I think we should first discuss about what is blogging and why do we blog? As I said it many a times in different blogs of mine that blogging is about sharing your knowledge and passion and to help others to gain benefits from your real life experience.

Do You Blog as a Hobby or as a Profession?

Do You Blog as a Hobby or as a Profession?

Let me take out some words from a post of one of my blogger friend Shwetabh Mathur, who recently posted all this on Facebook:

Being a blogger doesn’t mean you earn from your writing. I do agree with you my dear friend Shwetabh on it. Frankly it does mean the same for some big guys, but not for all the bloggers.

Being a blogger means – You write your feelings, thoughts on paper and share it with people. Something you won’t do it with any person on earth.

Absolutely correct. It is a fact that you are sharing your valuable and precious thoughts to someone whom you trust upon, similarly when you read some blog or you see a person sharing his thoughts with you, don’t think that he`ll earn from that… Think that he trusts you to understand what he wrote.

You might say me that these are the feelings of my emotional friend. But on the other hands it also means that he is expressing his heart out with these lines. At the end his line saying “When money starts to come from writing emotions… its never the same again” means a lot to me.

Blog as a Hobby!

I guess we all bloggers do blogging as a hobby only. Some people do it in a professional way and some failed to do so. But, no matter what, some people earn decent amount from their blog. It is more or less like when a teacher gives tuitions to students, and shares their knowledge to earn something from it. Similarly when you do share your knowledge with the world in the form of blog, and earn something from it.

Blogging as Profession!

Some people might say that blogging cannot be chosen as a profession. Even the post of my blogger friend Shwetabh Mathur (he blogs at, who actually does blogging from his heart, which I shared above, is supporting the same. But in my true opinion it is not true.

You can also earn decent by sharing your knowledge and experiences. After all it is something which can give benefits to others and you have all the rights to do it in a professional way.

Professional Way of Blogging?

How can you do blogging in a professional way?

Many people argue that there is no such professional way to do blogging. As blogging is about sharing your knowledge, so you can share it the way you want.

I can’t deny this. If I will try to deny this then I might try to deny the most basic concept of blogging, though I do believe that you can share your feelings, expressions, thoughts, and knowledge in the way you want, though still you should make it presentable to the world, so that others can give value to your thoughts.

Today only I met with Kalpanaa Misra who blogs at and a few days back I met with Alka Narula who blogs at and the reason why I am mentioning these meetings because both of them actually praised a lot about my blog I News India.

I might not be a success, when it comes about earning so much from my blogs, but then many such praises from the readers and different well established bloggers are something which you cannot earn from anywhere. And I did earn them from my blogging.

Anyways, let’s come back to what is the professional way to do blogging? In my opinion, no matter which blogging platform are you using (though I recommend self-hosted WordPress for the blogging purposes), no matter you do have a customized domain name or you are using it on free blogs like Blogger or (though I always recommend to have a customized domain name for your blog), all these things not matter a lot when it comes about professional blogging.

The things which matters a lot are you should do it properly and you should do it with purposefully.

You might ask me how we can do blogging properly. Or how it can be done with purposefully?

Let me tell you, doing blogging in a proper way means, whatever you blog about, should have the purpose to help others and should be original. It should never be copied away from somewhere else. I guess this is something why my blogger friend Firoze Shakir sir will definitely support.

After all what is the harm in sharing your own opinion about something? Why do you need the content, or pictures taken by someone else to show on your blog as your own creation?

See, at the beginning of this post I too borrowed some lines from the creation of my blogger friend Shwetabh Mathur, but I do give him the proper credit of the same. I don’t even hide the fact that I started to blog on this topic because of his thoughts only which he shared at this place:

If I would have taken his words as it is and never mentioned him in my post then it would have been a theft, a theft of the ideas. But as I said above that proper blogging or blogging in a proper way actually means that you should give respect to others opinion and do blogging for a purpose of sharing your knowledge with the mankind.

Saying this I am finishing the blog post, and leaving it to you all to discuss about it. Please do share your opinion about whatever you think about this topic. I would love to discuss these things with you all.

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