Are You Switching Back Your Website to HTTP from HTTPS?

Do you remember the hype a few months back when all the webmasters started converting their website to HTTPS? Now so many website owners are converting back to the http one. Are you too switching back your website to HTTP from HTTPS?

I guess it was in the month of August last year when I wrote a post on Google emphasizing on secure websites, and we discussed about the ranking signals which Google is focused and HTTPS being considered by Google as a ranking signal. Though it was the time when everyone else started upgrading their website to a secure server.



Although that time too I suggested not to hurry about these things, rather it would be fine to wait and watch for some time, but you know the fact that when people consider something is going to give good results especially in Google ranking, we all started to follow the same things.

Honestly I did realize that it was not something which should force us to upgrade our server and install SSL for our website. Frankly, we know that it is a costly affair and not many websites or blogs which are earning very less can afford it.

And to be very frank, the latest trend in the world of SEO is that since not many people saw any considerable changes in their rankings, many webmasters, and SEO’s are reverting back their website to HTTP from the secure HTTPS.

Let me tell you a few instances when you really don’t need a HTTPS or SSL certification on your website:

1. If it is Fully Informational Site?

If your website is fully informational site, or a blog, then I don’t think that your website does need any kind of HTTPS thing. Since none of financial transactions are happening on your website so what is the need to have SSL certificate on it?

2. It is not storing any Sensitive Data of users?

If your website is not storing any sensitive data of users, then obviously you don’t need HTTPS on your website. As for an example, some websites do store the credit card details of its users, for them HTTPS or SSL certification is a must.

Those who switched their website to HTTPS from HTTP can only emphasize on the fact over what benefits they do received after doing this. How much is the ranking improved due to it? How much is the authority of your website increased due to it?

If you too followed the trends and upgrade your website from HTTP to HTTPS, then I would request you to please share your opinion and results with us. Those who did the same, are having a feeling that if they made some mistakes? I would be glad to hear their opinion on all these things along with the fact if you are also considering reverting back to the HTTP module?

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