How to Get a Girlfriend?

After writing for so many blogs on blogging tips, SEO, etc. this time I am writing on a post on relationship advice. This blog post of mine is for those who never had a girlfriend. Read on to know how to get a girlfriend?

You can see guys complaining about having no girlfriend quite commonly. Honestly in most of the cases I found that it is their lack of confidence only which prevents them to get a girlfriend.

How to Get a Girlfriend?

How to Get a Girlfriend?

To be very frank, when I was in college, or even in my working life, I was too popular among girls. I was fortunate enough to have so many friends who were girl. Though fortunately my wife was also among one of them, and the day she proposed me (believe me I was not having the courage to propose her) after a bit of hesitation I took her hand in my hand and I decided to be with her forever.

Although it is also true that one of my girl friend only pushed me to take this life changing decisions of mine. I and my wife will always remain thankful to SM for this :)

Leaving apart the love story of mine over here only as I have planned to write it in a novel; though I don’t know when I will be able to publish it, but yes I will definitely going to publish it soon.

10 Tips to Get a Girlfriend!

So let us come back to our original discussion. As I said that many a times we do lack in confidence and it is actually something which stops a girl to go ahead with us.

Are you too consider yourself as the one who should have a girlfriend, but you don’t have one such girl, who you be in a relationship for whole of your life?

Are you too looking for a girl who can be your true friend for the rest of your life?

I guess this blog post of mine might help you to get the one. And all the female readers of my blog can suggest if I am wrong or can suggest some other ideas which I might have missed in this blog for all those guys.

You Don’t Look Attractive to Anyone?

Ask this question to yourself, and respond to it honestly. Let me tell you one thing, when I am saying attractive, then in no way you should take it as good looking. Frankly anyone can look good, but being attractive to a girl is entirely a different thing.

See you have a fairer look or you have a toned body, all these things won’t work for girls. You cannot attract girls with your physique. But you can attract girls with your dressing sense, right mannered behavior and staying fit.

If you don’t wear clothes which don’t suits your personality or you don’t stay fit and fine and don’t follow some basic hygienic tips, take my words no girl will ever feel any attraction towards you. To get the attraction amongst girls try to wear dresses which can suit you, remain fit, have some manners, and humor and you should look attractive to yourself first.

Look at yourself in mirror and realize if you are looking attractive to yourself or not? If not then forget getting a girlfriend.

Be Cool

As I discussed about manners in the above point, do remember one thing girls always prefer to have a sensible guys as their boyfriend. If you are not a cool dude one then do remember the fact that not many girls will be attracted towards you.

Have Some Self-esteem

Don’t bag any other girl for going out with you. Have some self-esteem and give her some time to become a friend and then only decide to take her out for a date.

Don’t look up too desperate to get a girlfriend, instead show some value to girls. Else you will always remain a loser.

Try to Make Good Friends

Instead of trying to make every second girl as your girlfriend who comes in your life, you should try to become a good friend of them. It is such a quality which actually gained me so many good friends who were girls in my own life. Honestly many of them later proposed me too, but since I never took them as the one who can be my girlfriend, I rejected being the boyfriend of many.

Try to talk to as many women as possible. Have some confidence and try to interact with them as much as possible. Try to be friends with them, but never show yourself as a desperate one to make her your girlfriend.

Do remember one thing; self confidence and self esteem are the two things which are mostly liked by girls. You can also read 11 ways to gain self confidence.

Don’t be Arrogant

If you think that you are best, I don’t think that there is any harm in thinking so, but do remember that girls don’t like such arrogant behavior. They won’t prefer a guy to be their boyfriend, if he is having the showy nature and shows off all the time.

If you too have this nature, then be aware right now. Do respect others, impress them with your inner qualities and see how it will return you in coming days.

Try to Help Others

Many a time I have seen that guys have this tendency to help the one whom they want to impress. Do remember the secret of building successful relationships, and it is that you should always help others. No matter if you are trying to impress someone or not, but it should always be your inner quality.

Frankly, some small-small activities are something which has the quality to make your personality too large. Try to help someone and see the happiness which you are getting in lieu of it and I am sure soon you can be able to impress the girl of your life too.

Do You Need the Hottest One?

Do ask yourself the question that do you need the hottest one or do you need the best one?

I too faced this question sometime and I decided to go for the best one, and I am too glad that I am living a great life with my girlfriend now.

Every guy expects to get the hottest or the sexiest girl who comes into their life. To be very frank, before thinking about asking her for a date you should first analyze your own capabilities as well. Don’t build a mountain full of expectations, live your life in reality buddy.

Try to understand that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

Remain Approachable

While trying to search for a girlfriend, you should remain approachable to everyone. You never know the one whom you are ignoring these days, can actually be the one who was truly meant to be with you.

Try to be a guy whom every woman can feel easily approachable at times. This is a quality which can really gives you the best results if you are searching for a girlfriend.

Don’t Afraid

Being afraid of failures is common, but you should have the nature that you should not afraid from failures. Otherwise you won’t ever have the courage to propose the one who could be yours.

You can fear of thinking about rejection, but remember if you don’t ask her, how you can be able to get the positive response. Not many people are lucky enough like mine whom girl proposes, but in most of the cases, they prefer to remain silent.

Take Care of Yourself

There are some things which is a sure No when you are searching for a girlfriend. Here are those:

  • Bad Body Odor
  • Smelly Breath
  • Unkempt and Greasy Hair
  • Unhygienic Habits
  • Dirty and Wrinkled Clothes
  • Wearing Same Set of Dresses Everyday

These are some of the things which you should always avoid. Frankly speaking as I said above as well that you should not attempt to be the best looking guy out there, but you should try to make the best possible impression among others.

You can also read one more blog post of mine on how to attract a woman?

So those are the 10 tips which I suppose I can give to you all, and can be handy for those who are searching for a girlfriend. I guess the female readers of my blog can give further suggestions about these points and can suggest some more points which can help the readers of my blog.

I will await your comments on this.

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