Top 7 Reasons why you should Use WordPress?

You all know my blogging preference and it is WordPress when it comes to choose a blogging platform. Do you know the reason why I use WordPress for my blog? Read on this post of mine on the top 7 reasons why you should use WordPress.

Those who are a regular visitor of my blog I News India or Tech Acid are surely aware of my addiction towards WordPress. It is not that I don’t like Blogger but I usually say them quite user friendly as well. But then there must be some reasons why I am so deeply addicted to it?

Top 7 Reasons why you should Use WordPress?

Let me explain the reasons why I love WordPress over Blogger or any other blogging platform. If I will say that it is free, then you all will laugh on me, as mostly other popular blogging platform and tools are also free. So being free is not a criterion which solely makes me fond of this powerful CMS tool.

Then, what?

Top 7 Reasons why you should Use WordPress?

Top 7 Reasons why you should Use WordPress?

You must be wondering after all why I should use WordPress. And believe me if you are reading these lines, you are quite interested in knowing the reasons. So without wasting much time, let me directly come to the reasons why I love WordPress over any other blogging platform:

Powerful yet Simple CMS

It is undoubtedly true that WordPress is one of the most powerful, open source, and simple CMS (content management system) tools. It is so powerful that you can even develop an online business website too through it, and you can also be able to develop a simple blog.

On the other hand it is so simple that even your father who hesitate in using smartphones, can also use it. I must say that if you know how to write an article on Microsoft Word software then you can easily able to manage a WordPress blog or website too. It is that simple.

If anyone asks me for a website or blog, I always prefer to develop it through WordPress, as it will develop a product which their owners can easily be able to handle it. Ask some of my friends who are on WordPress these days after my suggestion: Shweta Dave, Rekha Mishra, etc.

So if you want to develop a blog or website for yourself, or for your business, or for your spouse, you can simply create a website through WordPress which you can easily control as well :)

Easily Control Look and Feel of Your Site

The next reason why I love WordPress is that you can easily control the look and feel of your site. Looks can be controlled through the variety of available WordPress themes in the world of web. You can either go for it for free as well, while you can even get a customizable theme for a mere cost of around $5 to thousands of dollars as well.

Look and feel of your site can be easily changed by the click of your mouse. And then you can easily customize it to make your site stylist and powerful through different options available through themes.

If you ask me I always prefer having paid or premium themes. One of the reasons among so many others on which I can write a blog soon, being the coding of such themes are quite simple and loved by search engines. And my recommended themes are from My Theme Shop.

My Theme Shop

My Theme Shop

Easily Add Functionality

Do you all remember one recent blog post of mine on how to transfer a blog to self hosted WordPress? Do you remember that I mentioned the name and issue of a blogger friend of mine in that blog?

It is one of my friends Shwetabh Mathur, whom I suggested to upgrade his blog to WordPress from Blogspot, but he rejected the idea. And then he wanted to install the Mega Menu types of feature which I use on my blogs, but unfortunately Blogger don’t allow adding you much functionality. Thus he had to compromise on this.

Why should a blogger or website owner compromise on some functionality?

One of the best benefits which you can get with WordPress is that you can easily add functionalities with plugins. WordPress has a very wide range of plugins available which you can use anytime for your blog. Though you should remember that using so many plugins might restrict your website as well, so be sure to select the best plugins only for your site. You can also read my blog on precautions required while installing any new WordPress plugins.

SEO Benefits

One of the best benefits which you can get with WordPress is that SEO or search engine optimization becomes quite easy and manageable when you use WordPress. You can get plenty of plugins like All in One SEO, WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast, Greg’s High Performance SEO, etc.

All of these 3 plugins are too powerful and can help your website or blog flourish in search engine results page. The additional benefits which you receive through premium or paid themes are the SEO benefits as well, these themes are so developed that its coding is being loved by search engines. By the way those who are not aware about what exactly SEO is can check this post of mine.

In a nut shell SEO with WordPress is quite easy and returns quite good results.


It is undoubtedly true that WordPress is a complete content management system tool and is quite flexible as well. You can do whatever you want and wish through it. You can get the best suitable look and feel through so many themes available online and can get almost all the features with the help of different varieties of plugins.

You just need to manage menus, widgets, sidebars, etc. and you are done with it.

eCommerce Integration

Integrating eCommerce with WordPress is quite easy. Thus you can easily sell anything from your website. If you are not aware about how can you make money from your blog then you must read this blog post of mine on how can you earn from your blog?

Thus if you want to develop a website with ecommerce integration, you can easily go through WordPress to do so.

Huge Support

If you stuck somewhere you can easily get some help. The help is also in the way that it can resolve all your doubts and queries.

Just Google about anything and you will get plenty of blogs, article on the same. The reason being WordPress is so vastly used and talked about that you can easily get any help related to its online only.

So these were some of the fascinating reasons why I love WordPress. If you have not yet used it, it is the time to try it out. Also if you need any help related to WordPress, I am always there to help you. In fact very soon I am planning to launch a special service related to it, which I suppose you all will love.

Here is blog post of mine for those who want to know more about how to make a superb website or blog in minutes.

Please do let me know if you like this blog post of mine or not. You can share your opinion about this and other blog posts of mine in the form of comments. Or you can also tweet me your responses. I will always be there to discuss your queries or concerns about my blog posts.

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