How to Develop Understanding between Couples?

Did you ever think about the element required for making the strongest bond between couples? I would say it is; understanding, but do you know how to develop this understanding? Read on this blog post of mine on how to develop understanding between couples?

In India mostly marriages happen in the pressure of family and society. Most of the couples don’t even see each other before marriage. Many a time’s people complaints that there is some issue with their life partner which was hidden by the family members.

All such things are something which increases rift between the couples, and unfortunately the social system out here even forces them to stay together. Many people out here are living a married life which in fact has nothing like a married life, and they are living this life due to the pressure of their family and society only.

How to Develop Understanding between Couples?

How to Develop Understanding between Couples?

How to Develop Understanding between Couples?

The reason why I am writing this blog post is the story of one of my friend who got married to a girl who has some major eye defects and it was hidden by her family before marriage. My friend got married to the girl and then found that she has some diseases which are incurable.

One day he decided to apart from his wife, but his in laws forced him to stay together. It is the pressure of society and families which forced them to stay as a couple but none of them even talks to each other. Even the girl tried to do suicide a few times and in fact their life has become hell.

One thing which I seriously think about Indian society is that when two people have to live a life together then why don’t they allow them to understand each other?

Here are a few things which can help to develop understanding between couples:

Meeting before Marriage

I usually support the concept of love marriages. I too preferred love marriage, despite of the fact that our families were against our marriage, but since we do understand each other so much that we decided to go ahead against our families. And now everything is alright in our family.

So to develop the understanding between couples, I strongly recommend the meeting of the “would be” bride and groom before marriage, so that they can understand each other in a better way. I know that the concept of love marriages is still a taboo in most of the rural areas of India, but still the society can allow the bride and groom to meet each other.

You can also say it like dating each other before marriage. You can also read my blog on how to build a healthy and loving relationship?

If dating is not allowed in some families then maximum which they can do is to allow them to meet in front of some common friends or in the presence of someone whose presence can make them comfortable.

Health Checkup

Instead of going for horoscope matching and kundali matching, people should opt for the health checkups of the bride and groom. I suppose that if these two things (dating and health checkup) are allowed then my friend would not have to face the days which they are facing now.

A few days back Vinay Nagaraju, one of my blogger friends shared a post on Pre Marital Potency Test, and I strongly supported the blog. Reason being health issues are something which can create major issues in the life of a married couple. It can easily be avoided by some basic checkups.

Understanding the Needs of your Partner

The moment when you start thinking about yourself only, the relationships deteriorates badly. For building strong relationships you need to understand the needs and feelings of your partner. Do understand the fact that you are now not alone; rather you are a couple now, so instead of thinking about me and yours, start thinking about us.

Get in touch with your partner and try to understand what exactly they are thinking about. Try to understand the things which can make your partner happy. You can also read this blog post of mine to understand why do relationships fail?

Understand the Weaknesses

None of us are perfect. We all are human being only and we usually do mistakes in our life. There will be something which you might not like; while there will be some things which your partner might not like about.

Try to understand the weaknesses of your partner, try to understand the things which can make your partner furious about, or which can irritate them. Never try to do the things which can make your partner angry. Although yes, doing a bit of naughty things which can angry your partner is absolutely fine in a relationship.

Expect in a Realistic Manner

Expectation is something which hurts badly. It is always suggested to expect realistic things only from your partner. It is quite natural that we assume or expect our partner to be there for us all the time, to always understand us, to love us unconditionally, etc. etc. But did we ever realize if it is easy for them to do all those things? How many a times we did the same which they were expecting?

Try to expect the things which are realistic and achievable from your partner.


It is indeed true that interactions help us in bridging the gap. No matter how tensed a relationships is; it is always better to interact to your partner about it. I am sure some solution will always come up.

To be very frank in my real life I always apply the same. So many a times we too had fights and we decided not to talk, but then soon I realize that we should talk about to resolve the situation and we do exactly the same thing. And it always helped us too to resolve the deadlock between us.

Take Responsibilities

It is a general joke made for a couple, that the guy always needs to say sorry to his life partner despite he has not made any mistake too. Jokes apart, but indeed it is true that guys should take the responsibilities strongly and at times should be ready to say sorry as well.

Sometimes saying a sorry, despite making a no mistake, makes your relationships better and stronger. So what is the harm in saying that magical world to the person who matters a lot to you and in your life?

But yes, do remember that this thing simply doesn’t apply for guys only, but it applies for girls as well.

So these were some of the relationships advice which I can give to you all today. Stay tuned here to read all the similar types of stuffs related with relationships advice, self improvement, and inspirational things. You can also read these blogs of mine:

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