How to Get Closure to Your Love?

While I was writing my last blog on how to handle break up, I thought to write a post on how to get closure to your love so that the thought of break up should never come in between any couple. Being a couple, we need to love and support our partner, so that no distance should ever come in between us.

Although I have written many posts in past on Love and Relationships, but this post is a very special one. I am going to share some tips which I usually do follow in my real life. I am quite sure that these will help you to get even more closure to your love.

To be very frank, emotional or moral support is very much required in all of us life. It comes in any shape or size, no matter from which side it will come, but it will bring more closeness among couples. Always understand that giving moral or emotional support to your partner is very much important than the way how you can give it.

How to Get Closure to Your Love?

How to Get Closure to Your Love?

How to Get Closure to your Love

Here are a few tips which might help you to get closure to your life partner.


Touch being the most sophisticated thing between couples. If you want to bring the closeness you need to touch each other on a random basis and often. Cuddling at times, holding hands quite randomly, walking arm in arm at evening, night time or at morning, are some of the ways to do so in a powerful manner.

Always remember that a touch from your partner will resolve all the tensions going on inside you. So just do the same to bring smile on your partner’s face.


Giving respect to the feelings of your partner is the secret behind every successful relationship. When your partner is speaking something to you give proper care to him/her. Don’t show that you are not giving value to whatever he/she is telling. It is a bad way to deal with your life partner.

Normally I have seen this tendency of people giving full attention towards television set, instead of listening what their wife is saying to them. I guess be respectful of your partner’s feeling is one of the best way to get closure to your love.

Talk Often

No matter how busy you are in your life. Always give some time to listen to the problems of your life partner. Talk to them often and let them know that you are available to talk to them at anytime.

Usually we face this situation when we are busy with some important meeting or discussion; at the same time we receive the call from our life partner about some tough situation.

Now this is our responsibility to show our partner that we care of yours, and also to manage the professional life as well. So the best way at this time is to hear them in a proper way and then telling them that you will give a call back soon. Once you get free or over from the present assignment, don’t forget to call them back and let them know that you care for them.

Believe me this will definitely bring happiness in your love life.


Getting small-small compliments from life partner, that too in front of other people, always bring happiness in your partner’s life. It is one of the best ways to support your partner and let them know that you value their presence in your life.

Believe me complimenting your partner in front of others, will let them feel proud and great about you as well.

Showing Differences of Opinion

No matter how understanding couple you are, still there are things which might show that you have difference of opinion. You might dislike some idea or desires of your life partner, but it is not a good way to reject it without giving a consideration about it. Also don’t seems rude to your partner in showing differences of opinion and let her know your opinion about something which you don’t like in a very kind and loving way. I am sure your partner will definitely consider your opinion.

Don’t Disrespect Your Partner

I don’t have any hesitation in accepting the truth that I sometimes made this mistake of showing disrespect to my love in front of some other people. It hurts her badly. I was quick one to recognize this and I never repeated this in my life.

Don’t disrespect your partner in front of others. If you feel something bad about your partner, or your partner’s behavior; let’s talk to them when you two are alone, not start arguing in front of others only.

You two might have the differences but the best way to resolve them is discuss the same with them while you two are alone only.

Don’t Ignore

Never try to ignore the presence of your life partner; it is always hurtful if you are treated as if you don’t even exist. Don’t ever be rude to your life partner, no matter how angry are you. Always show love and care towards them.


Smile is the best medicine for any difference in your love life. Don’t ever allow your smile to disappear from your life.

Give Gifts

As I said in my last blog post on how to give time to family that gifts are essential in our life, no matter of what size is it. Similarly to bring more closeness among couples gifts always play an important role.

Saying I Love You

No matter how much you love your life partner, but if you don’t say this to them it will not bring the same level of comfort which is required among couples. So do make a habit of saying I love you to your partner so many times in your daily life, but always remember that it should come from your heart. It should not look like that you are saying it forcefully or for some needs.

I am quite sure, there are many more tips which I can give on this topic, and I am also quite sure that you must have some unique idea as well, which you generally follow to get closure of your love. I will be happy if you share the same with us in the form of comment. Do let me know if you like this blog post of mine or not?

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