How to Give Time to Family?

I am remembering one quote from great Nelson Mandela, which says that “we must use our time wisely”. As per him we should never forget that time is actually always ripe to do right things. I remember these lines when I first thought about writing a blog post on how to give time to family?

Well, we all are facing this question. In this busy world, we all are stuck with so many things, and find it really difficult to give time to our family. Be it a lady at London, who is spending 8 to 9 hours in her office and then remaining time with her family or a gentlemen from New York, all of us are facing the same situation.

We all are facing difficulties in time management. This is the reason why we are unable to give time to our family. Someone has said that the best gift which you can give to your family ever, is your precious time to them. Your family will be happy to see you around them at times.

How to Give Time to Family?

How to Give Time to Family?

How to Give Time to Family?

To be very frank, I have seen many a friends of mine, from either gender, to face this question badly, on the other hand I too have a few friends who manages time so brilliantly that their family is also happy and they are doing quite good at their work place as well.

The matter is that if they can they why can’t you?

Read on this blog of mine to get some small tips which might help you to get time for your family.

Have Dinner Together

No matter how busy you are in your professional life, make a routine of at least having dinner together with your family.

I usually follow this and I think this is the best possible types of giving time to your family. You can be able to discuss all day activities with your family at dining table and you can also help your family members to resolve their queries. I would also suggest not watching Television at dinner time, it might deviate you from your discussion with your family.

Spent Time Together

No matter how busy you are, if you really don’t have a time to give to your family during weekdays, make a habit of spending at least a day from your week with your family only. You might go out with them on that particular day of the week and spent time together with them.

They will really feel privileged, if you do so.

Try to hear all the day to day problems which your family members are facing, and if possible try to help them out to resolve the same too.

Prepare Dinner for your Family

Did you ever realize how difficult it is for your wife to give so much time at her office, and then cook for the family as well? Do face the same at least once in a week or at least fortnight as well. Let’s prepare the dinner for your family on a particular day and give a bit of rest to your wife.

Well, many of my female readers will might say that it is better that their husband don’t try preparing dinner for them, as they will mess everything in the kitchen while doing so.

I would suggest them, not to worry about this, let them also clean the mess which they might spread in your kitchen. It will definitely give a good experience to your dear husbands.

Show Gratitude

I still remember I wrote one post on how to show gratitude towards people who loves you; it might also be useful for you all to read. Though as far as showing gratitude towards your family is concerned, I will suggest you all to give lots of love, hug, kisses, to your family time to time.

Believe me it will definitely make them happy.

Give Gifts

I guess you all are aware that the size of the gifts doesn’t matter. So be it a single rose to your lovely wife, or a bouquet to your entire family, or some big gifts to your parents, or some video game to your kid, whatever you can please do give gifts to your family on a regular interval.

I usually give flowers to my wife, especially when I see she is too exhausted with her daily routine. It usually gives her a bit of relief and brings smile on her face.

Watch this small gift which I gave to my love on this Valentine’s Day:

Valentine Day Gift to my Wife

Valentine Day Gift to my Wife

Celebrate Occasions

Well, does not matter how busy are you in your professional field, I would suggest you all to celebrate some special occasions of your life with your family. Like you might celebrate the birthday of your spouse or of your kid together, then you might also give a small party on the occasion of your anniversary.

Here in India we usually get some special days like Holi, Deshara, or Diwali, which we can spend and celebrate with our family.

Give Break to Social Networking Websites

I would rather suggest to switch off your mobile phone for at least a few hours, while you can spent that time together with your family. I can understand that it is quite difficult for many of us to either switch off their mobile phone or taking break from social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. but believe me if you do so for around a few hours only in a week, will give lots of happiness to your family.

I usually try this on weekends, and it is a hit for me. I am sure you all can also try this.

Believe me all these small-small things will bring lots of happiness in your family life.

This blog post of mine might be missing some tips which our female readers can give as far as giving time to family is concerned. I would suggest you all to share the same with us in the form of comment over here. This blog of mine also includes some of the points which are suggested by a few friends of mine at Twitter, you can also check them at or and if you really want to have a similar type of conversation with me then you can also follow me at

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