Patience – The Secret behind a Happy Life!

I have written so many blogs on how to live a happy life. I News India also brought so many write ups either by guest authors, or by some of our regular authors as well, on how we can make our life better.

These days I realized that I am losing patience for any small-small reasons. Though loneliness is one of the prime reasons behind all these, as I am living alone these days and worrying for the health of my wife and daughter causing this asperity in my life? Though as you all know, I am not like that.

I am also seeing that patience quota of people are really deteriorating these days. People are bound to become anger for any small reason, like waiting in queue, traffic jams, etc. etc.

It is in fact true that these days life is full of situations that can taste our patience level. Regardless of the fact how good we are to handle the stress, a bit of extra patience is always required from our inside to live happily in this busy world.

Allow me to ask a few questions from you, I hope you will respond honestly to all of them:

Are you able to easily tolerate waiting in queues?
Are you able to easily tolerate delays caused by traffic jams?
Are you able to easily tolerate your friends when they poke you? (Though you poke them on a regular interval and it is not a big deal for you)
Are you able to easily tolerate your friend when he/she taking too much time to get away with you?
Are you able to easily tolerate someone who is in a rush and put his/her bag before you at airport for security check?

If most of the responses are No from your side, then this blog is meant for you. I decided to write this blog, just to overcome from the negative situation that is prevailing in my life recently, and to give a positive thought to the readers of my blog.

What is Patience?

A big question, which comes in our mind, is what is patience? How to define patience in our real life?

In my opinion, Patience, sometimes also known as forbearing, is actually the quality through which you respond to the difficult situations of your life. It is a quality through which you can respond in a positive manner to the provocation, or annoyance, or anger caused by someone or someone’s action. It is actually your inner character which can be seen under difficult circumstances.

Importance of Patience

Well, in my honest opinion, at times of incidences that can irritate you or frustrates you, displaying patience is an art. Being patient at difficult times of life brings more peace in your life, along with more respect from the society, self discipline, calmness, and much importantly the happiness in your life.

Being patient at difficult situations will help you to reduce stress in your life. It will allow you to think properly, and thus you can take right decisions in your life. If you are impatient, you can take wrong decisions in a hurry.

Patience – The Secret behind a Happy Life!

How to Be Patient

So, we understand what patience is and what its importance in our life is. But the biggest challenge is how to be patient at difficult situations?

Here are a few tips which might help you to become more patient in your life.

Identifying Reasons behind Impatience

As Helen Keller said that we could never learn to be brave and patient, if there were only joy in the world. It is too much true. Unhappiness, loneliness, is some of the prime reasons behind being impatience.

The most important thing required for how we can become more patient, is to identify the incident, or activity, or situations that can trigger the impatience in your life. Once identified, you can easily figure out how to respond to the situation in a more positive manner.

Breathe Deeply

One of the finest ways to deal with negative or stressful situations in life is to breathe deeply. It will definitely bring you to the positive state of mind, and give you new energy to tackle the situation in a more positive way.

Be More Empathetic

Always try to think about a situation from someone else angle. When you are facing a difficult situation, created by someone else, always try to think from his/her perspective. Certainly, there may be some reason why he/she created the situation for you. Most of the time, it might happen, that the situation was created just to irritate you only, so you can easily tackle it and it will make the other person more impatient.

Think Before You Speak

This is very much important to fight the impatience. Doing this we can avoid hurting others, also it will help us not to offend others. At times it is very required that we should not offend to others, though we know that the other person is wrong and I am right. If you will think before speaking, it will increase the level of patience in yourself.


Let me tell you an example, I received a mail a few days back, which triggered anger in my mind, and I just clicked on reply button to respond in a very angry mood. But, suddenly I paused for a while, and closed the mail. I took a break, and then think about it once again. I realized I should not respond immediately to the mail.

Next day, I become more polite while replying the same mail, and I found that my language is completely different from what it was the day before. Thus it brought the positive results as well.

So my opinion about dealing with negative situations in life is to slow down, or take a pause while responding to it.

Stay Focused

Hurdles are bound to come in your life, and hurdles are actually meaningless for a successful life. You will have to jump to the hurdles to stay in the race, and to conquer the race.

Thus, if you are facing difficult situations, always try to tackle them patiently. Always stay focused on the things that matter in your life. Don’t give importance to the unimportant things that come in our life.

I always suggest this to my colleagues that always remain happy in life. Identify the people who matters most in your life, and try to spend precious time with them. Always stay focused towards the things that matters most in your life.

It has never been that much easy to be patient, but we should. We should try our best to have a little more patient and so we can enjoy our life in a better way.

How did you rate this blog of mine? If you have some other suggestions for how to increase the patience quota in our life, you are always welcome to share the same with us in the form of the comments.

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