Few Myths of Love and Dating!

Sometime back when I had gone to my school reunion, I got to meet so many friends with whom I had lost contact. It was a happy meet and yes, there were many people who were couples then but strangers now and vice versa as well. And then I saw my friend, Adele. I was seeing her after almost six years and it was so great to catch up with her. While I was chatting with Adele, we happen to pass by her school crush, Keith. She had liked him since junior school but never had the courage to be open about her feelings.

“I wish I had told him about my feelings then. Who knows he might have accepted. At least I wouldn’t be stuck with a moron like Alex”, she sighed as she said that.

“Why didn’t you ever ask him out?”

“Well, I always thought it was the guy who should ask out and now he is even engaged and set to marry next year.”

As I sat thinking about this I wondered if things would have been better if Keith and Adele would be together and even if they weren’t, Adele may have not been regretting about staying with Alex and not Keith. Why is it expected out of the boy to make the first move? A person will never get to know about your feelings until and unless you speak out about them. Just the way a boy tells you about his feelings, shouldn’t a girl also do the same?

Due to so many myths in love and dating, many emotions lay suppressed and heart break is all you get in return. In today’s session of relationship I’ll be talking about a few myths people keep in mind while in a relationship or prior to one.

Few Myths of Love and Dating!

MYTH # 1: Why is it expected out of the boy to make the first move? The biggest myth that I really want to share out with you people is the one I have just talked about. The girl can also make the first move and ask out a boy. Let not things like what will they say matter you because it’s who is going to be affected by his absence and not someone else. So before you start thinking that you shall not be expressive about your feelings until he comes around, think about the time you’ll have to live without him. Always remember things are pretty difficult for guys as well as girls while asking out. So you don’t really have to worry about rejection. There’s always a good person in this world who will be just by your side and understand you. If he doesn’t give the reply you are expecting, he has lost the chance to be with an angel. Case closed.

MYTH # 2: Online Dating is only for desperate people. No, it isn’t. People are not always fake. It is a common notion that people found through online dating are generally having fun and are not at all serious. Meeting a person over net is really not a disgraceful act, love can come in any form and from any part of the land. So it really doesn’t matter whether you found him on Facebook or bus stop. All that matters is you love him and he loves you.

MYTH # 3: Love at first sight. There’s is no such thing as love at first sight. This kind of love happens only in movies or Mills and Boons. Reality is quite different in actual case. You just can’t know about a person at the very first sight. Just because a girl is beautiful doesn’t mean she is going to be beautiful at heart too, she could be haughty and proud while an ugly looking person could be sweet natured. So you can never decipher a person’s true colours just by looking at him or her, as the saying goes ‘Dont judge the book by its cover’. You can only love a person when you get know about him/her.

MYTH # 4: Love will change him/her with time. No, you actually can’t change a person or expect him to change with time and love. Don’t take the plunge of getting into a relation if you know there are some habits in him that could create a problem in future. You just can’t possibly change a person until he/she is willing to. Bad temper cannot be changed if he or she is not willing. Chain smoking or alcoholism cannot be dropped for love. He/She will leave such a habit only if they are willing to and for this not only your love but also outsourcing help from rehabs would be required.

MYTH # 5: Affairs and flings are all about sex. In majority of the cases the answer is no. Of course the passion is always present in any relation but a relation is not formed just because of this three letter word. A relation is formed out of the nine letter word ‘affection’. It is because a person is possibly not getting something from his present relation due to which he or she has involved himself into an affair. It could be anything ranging from lack of spending time together to increased number of fights due to misunderstanding. There are many men and women who get into a fling just because they are sick of false allegations from their partners of going out with another person. They feel hopeless about such kind of suspicions and finally think of running away from the situation to someone else who would actually understand them and have a belief in them that they are not sleeping around but are true. Lack of trust often drives people crazy and they happen to get into those things only of which they falsely being accused of.

Human psychology is a vast area to be researched upon and there is so much to explore in the field of love and relationships. I have always put in an effort to save relationships from my side so that so many bonds that are going bitter get back to being sweet. You can add in your suggestion that you think I have missed on in the comment section. Love is to stay by each other’s side till your last breath.

Till then stay blessed and take care :)

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