Top Six Fresh Date Ideas!

Weekend coming by and still confused about the venue of the next date. Date is not always about candle light dinner at plush restaurants. It can be at the messy terrace of your house also or even the lawn at your place. All you have to do is be a little romantic and arrange food. You could also show your love through your culinary skills by the way but don’t go too far. Remember the girl shouldn’t be running away to the washroom after the dinner or even middle of the dinner. Anyway let’s come back to the date ideas.

IDEA # 1


This is the cheapest of all the ideas. Just ask the maid to clean up the place well. Get the place decorated with the flowers she loves the most. Arrange her favorite music or if you can play some instrument play out one song for her. Dance with her. Do out everything you wanted to as you are at home. Gift her pearls, the most classic jewel to wear on.

IDEA # 2


Spread out her favorite flower petals on the garden. Ask the florist to decorate it beautifully. Make him write her name in the middle of the space. Arrange for a tent with contrasting colors. Cut the cake together and let her know how special she is to you.

IDEA # 3


Sing out or narrate. Just narrate the whole crowd at the bar how much you guys love each other. Go out chance by chance and shout to all your love story, from the beginning till now.

Fresh Date Ideas

IDEA # 4


Go to Scary House. Spend around half an hour there. You have spent happy times together; it’s time to spend scary times together. Spot the ghost, hide from them. Do whatever you can. You are on a date with the ghosts as well. Enjoy :)

IDEA # 5


Trekking, Paragliding, Skiing, go for whatever you like. If you like water sports for water sports, if you like air gliding go for that. Just enjoy the fun and adventure with your partner. Feel the air and water, the closeness of nature with hands clasped to your partner, isn’t it an amazing feeling? Yes, that’s love and I want you to feel it.

IDEA # 6


Visit your partners’ school and college. The classes where he/she studied. The basketball court where he played. The place that made him the man you have. Visit the place he shows. Examine the excitement in his eyes when he shows you his class, his smile when his teacher praises him. Don’t you love him for this? The innocence in his that still remains even after years of being a grown up man.

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