Some Relationships Truths to keep your Relationship Happy!

The Valentine’s has just gone by witnessing a lot many people getting committed and taking forward their relation to the next level. And otherwise also all the people who have been in a relationship for a while may have experienced that the honeymoon is finally over and problems have started erupting in your life. So before you begin to think about parting ways, take the following things into consideration:

HAVE TRUST IN EACH OTHER: The basic building block of any relation is TRUST. If you are able to build up trust in your partner’s eye then nothing can go wrong. Have trust in each other and do try to maintain. Don’t think that just because your partner believes you, you can break his trust whenever you feel or take him for granted.

GIVE TIME TO YOUR RELATIONSHIP: Every person is different from each other so always give time to your relation. Just because you had an argument you plan to finish off the relation. Every relation takes time to become strong. Work on the roots, strengthen them and then you will have a great relation. Give your partner time to settle with you, it takes time to strike a balance with somebody’s nature and preferences.

DON’T TRY TO CHANGE YOUR PARTNER: Accept your partner as he/she is. Don’t try to change his nature. You love him/her and you need to accept him/her as it is. No human being is perfect, neither you nor your partner. Accept him with his/her flaws. And if there is something you can’t tolerate talk about it, discuss and tell him/her straight. If you can’t change the situation change yourself.

LOYALTY: If you want a healthy and lovable relation then you need to be loyal to your partner. Polygamy will only result in infidelity. If you are faithful to your partner you will never have to face problems in life.

DO NOT ARGUE: All the fights and arguments are nothing but a waste of time. It is likely to get angry on your partner but heated arguments are not a solution. Shouting at one another is not going to solve your problem, it will only make it all the more complex. Instead sort it out by discussing and working out a solution.

RESPECT YOUR PARTNER’S SENTIMENTS: Acknowledge your partner and respect his emotions. Honour your partner for who he/he is. Everyone has flaws but each of us have some qualities too and didn’t those qualities made you fall for him/her? So, don’t keep pointing out his mistakes, it might hurt him at some or the other point of life.

Some Relationships Truths to keep your Relationship Happy!

APOLOGISE FOR YOUR MISTAKE: Sometimes your actions may hurt your partner. Don’t shy away from apologising for the same. You won’t go down in your eyes; instead you will rise in your partner’s eye. You will not only contribute towards a happy and understanding relation but will also create a mark of respect in your partner’s heart.

FORGIVENESS IS A VIRTUE: Always forgive your partner for any mistake he has done. Don’t forget that he has enough guts to ask for forgiveness and if he has been courageous to speak out to you then you should also be sweet enough to forgive him for his faults. And don’t forget to discuss out the issue so that this doesn’t happen again. Tell him that you’ve been hurt but since love matters the most to you, you are ready to forgive the past but all this shouldn’t take place again as you can’t let your heart experience the pain again.

BE PATIENT: Have some patience. Patience leads to sweetness in your life. Be patient with your partner. There is nothing like “You’ve changed”. It’ just that the honeymoon is finally over. Your partner may be going through some professional problems so he may not be able to give you proper time. With age responsibilities increase. Earlier it was just you but now he has to take care about the home loans, the kid’s school fee and then his parent’s hospital bills. You have to be with him. This will soon go. Hardships keep coming but you have to be patient enough so that it doesn’t hamper your relation. You have to be strong.

SUPPORT YOUR PARTNER: Obstacles are a part of life but they won’t be able to affect your partner and the family much if you are supportive. Your support is what matters to him. The winds are blowing against you but you have to face them together supporting your partner. There is always a ray of hope shining across your doorstep.

LITTLE THING MEAN A LOT: Start recognising small little things because sometimes these mean a lot. Stop criticizing yourself or your partner for not being able to provide you with a better living. Just think how lucky you are to have got his love and support. Praise him for the little things he does for you even if it means helping you out in the kitchen or with the laundry. Come to think of it how many men in your circle actually get down working with their wives? So if he is doing something like this he truly cares for you. Enjoy the family hours with the kids. Believe me these are moments to be treasured. Capture them as when your kids grow big and leave for higher studies these are the moments that you will be missing.

SET YOUR PRIORITIES: Know your priorities. Learn to accept the fact that now that you are in a relationship, your priorities are bound to change. Earlier you gave time to your friends but now you will have to cut down your gossips and girly chat. Your partner requires time. And your friends may find it improper in the beginning but later on everyone will settle down with this, even you too.

STAY AWAY FROM GOSSIP MONGERS: You will find many people who are going to give you free advices on what to do and what not to do. Some might tell you ways to keep your partner under control. Stay away from them. Move on with your belief, apply only those things which you find correct and leave the rest to God.

NOTHING IS FOREVER: It is quite likely to break up with your partner. Things weren’t landing well so you two have finally decided to part ways but that sure doesn’t mean you lose all hope and start blaming yourself for the unpleasant separation. Nothing lasts forever, neither do people nor the circumstances. Have faith in yourself and believe me there is always a ray of hope shining there, all it needs is you to take a step further.

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