Top 10 Benefits of Guest Blogging!

The reason people blog is because it gives them a way to voice their opinions. The topics can be endless and so can be the readers who may be interested in reading them. Blogging has become an important aspect of an online community because it not only helps in gaining popularity but can also fulfill various marketing goals of a business.

You do not necessarily need to be writing for yourself only, visiting other people’s blogs as a guest blogger can also be very beneficial for your own status.

Some of the Advantages of being a Guest Blogger

1) Building Subscriber Base – Writing on topics that genuinely interests you and provides useful information to the concerned readers can go a long way in gaining valuable subscribers. Guest blogging has the ability to acquire as many as 200 subscribers in a single day as opposed to any other referral method. It works great and discovers valuable traffic to your site.

2) Attracting Quality Traffic – Guest blogging can be said to be a genuine source of attracting real quality traffic. Talking about visitors, sites such as StumbleUpon, Reddit and Digg can also be a great source of traffic, but 90% of the time it doesn’t amount to quality, due to its low bounce rate. By writing a big or small guest blog, a visitor might spend 4-10 minutes reading through the content, thus attracting quality traffic.

3) Increased visibility – If you happen to guest post on one of the popular blogs which have lakhs of regular visitors; then you are in luck! Because this really helps increase your own visibility in the online community. More number of people reading your guest post will lead to a quick flow of your admirers.

4) Builds Authority and Respect – The power of guest blogging is often understated. While some may agree that to become an authority in a niche may take several years, but in the majority of cases, this medium only takes a couple of months. For example, if  you need to promote  Web design services in Vancouver area, with guest blogging, one can get associated with other local blogs and sites. Soon enough people seeking similar services start seeing your writings and your name across various writings, and start associating you as an authority in the area. This not only solves your purpose, but also garners respect from other members.

Benefits of Guest Blogging!

5) Quality Content Check – When you publish your articles on others blogs, it provides you with a great opportunity to do a self quality check of your content. If there is a constant inflow of readers to your blog then it means that people appreciate and enjoy reading what you write. Therefore it becomes all the more important for you to constantly refine and maintain good content in order to have a continuous flow of traffic.

6) Brand Recognition – This is most important if you are selling a product. By choosing a good name for your blog you will be able to grab instant attention, since the name will stand in the mind of the readers. Even if a person does not immediately link to your blog, the name will invariably attract him to you.

7) More Exposure – You cannot possibly seclude yourself from what is happening around and at the same time maintain an interesting blog. By posting on other peoples blogs you also get exposed to a lot of information on what is happening around you and this could be of great relevance to your own niche. Also, when you are actively sighted on blogs it increases the inquisitiveness in people to know more about you and thus provides you with more exposure.

8) Build Relationships – Your fellow bloggers can provide you with good advice and offer great referrals. When they now and then post a comment on your blog you can gauge what they think of your work. By building a good relationship with them you can learn to work on your negatives and enhance your positives at the same time.

9) It is Fun – If you are too engulfed in your own work, guest blogging can work as a time out. You can treat it as a recreational activity, a change from the regular routine. Every new area you will experiment with or blog at, the anticipation for the audience response can be really exciting. Not only that a well written blog also works as a refresher for your mind and raises your spirits.

10) Cost Effective – Guest blogging is relatively a cost free method as compared to spending on link builders or SEOs. When you pay for someone’s services or products, you usually do so because you trust it. By guest blogging, you can build your reputation in that community.

Guest blogging also has a lot of potential to open many new streams of income. It is a great way to get noticed in the freelancing track.  So experiment with your blogs and see what works best for you.

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