How to Let Others Know about your Guest Posts?

A few days back I read one article on Which one is Better – Article Marketing or Guest Blogging? Having an experience of around 7 years in the field of web and internet marketing, I can tell you that it is guest blogging which is more effective than the article marketing these days.

Both article marketing and guest blogging are the way to promote your website and business in the online world. Guest blogging is the best way to spread your name and business. If you are a blogger then you should write guest articles on other websites. Now the million dollar question is how to let others know about your guest posts?

Guest Blog Post

Here are some of the ways through which you can spread the word about your own guest posts. The first and the most simplest option is to write a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly blog post about your guest posts. Even you can post the link in every blog post which you write in the way I attached in the first paragraph of this blog.

Another option is that you can create a category of your guest posts, and you can post a blog for each of your guest posts and store them in that category. It is a well organized manner to store link to your all the guest posts.

Another way to let your readers know about your guest posts is to post blogroll or sidebar links to your guest posts. You can simply put the heading as My Guest Posts and can only post the title of each guest posts, or you can also include a few lines in the form of description with the title.

One of the most interesting ways of doing the same is that you can share your guest posts to your readers by sharing them in the social networking and bookmarking sites. I am sure that your followers will surely like it and appreciate the same too.

If you really want to become a well known blogger, then you should let others know that you are a blogger. The first step of doing so is to write posts and then spreading the awareness about the same.

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