Top Five Benefits of Laughter!

Laughter is the most important medicine for depression, worries and tensions. Have you ever seen, that you watched a comedy movie and you are feeling much relaxed. Truly speaking laughter makes us tension free and relaxed.

I have seen many healing processes too in which laughter therapy is primarily used for the treatment purpose. You must ask yourself that how can laughter be healthy for our body and mind. Here are the top seven benefits which we get from laughter:

Removes Worries from Our Mind: Researches proved that laughter kills the source of scared in our mind and laugh and scare would never come together. So practically it is impossible to laugh and to feel scared too. Thus laughter removes the worries from our mind and helps us to relax.

The Best Known Medicine of Loneliness: Yes, it’s very much true, that laughter is the best known medicine of loneliness. If you are feeling lonely watch some comedy movie and you will surely feel the differences. In other words, if you are participating in a laughter program then you must need to join a group and thus laughter will kill your loneliness and helps you to get a few friends too. This way laughter will also make you social.

Laughter is a Good Exercise for Our Hearts: Especially in the old age, heart requires some exercise. According to the doctors laughter is the best exercise for them. Laughter mainly helps to develop a special type of breathing pattern, which is really helpful for the heart.

Laughter makes us Polite: I have seen many incidents in which the reason is actually nothing. So basically these days’ people are losing patience for no reasons. For them laughter is the best medicine as it helps us to become polite. When you are laughing you won’t think anything bad or rude, so you will automatically become polite. Also if you start smiling or laughing your anger will vanish very soon.

Laughter Spreads in the Society: This is actually true that if you are laughing then the persons surrounding you will also start laughing. So laughter actually spreads like virus in the society. So to kill the violence and anger in the society laughter is the best medicine.

The most important aspect with laughter is that it does not require any qualification, anyone can laugh on anything. It decreases the physical and mental pain and helps us to cure us rapidly. It will make our mental condition as good and develop the positive attitude inside us, which is very much essential in this era of tensions. So forget every worries, tension and stresses and try to laugh.

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