Importance of Learning English in our life!

English is the number one language of the world. As far as my knowledge is concerned I am too week in English language. My spoken English and English writing both are not up to the mark. The reason behind this was my primary education, which I mainly got in an environment where English knowing persons were too less.

Our mother tongue was Hindi and we did not get the English knowledge till standard seven. So when we got the knowledge about the importance of English language, it became too late to become a master in English language. Although I later studied English in my higher studies and now I can even comfortably talk to some people in English only. I am well aware that my English is poor, that’s why I never try to write some thing big in English.

When I came to professional life then I came to know the other importance of knowing English. I think most of the people are having the same problem. In India, I think I met with lots of people who are facing the same type of problem. Here are a few tips for those candidates who are going to learn English from some one:

#1 Tip: Don’t ever go to learn English from a guy who does not hold any master degree in English language. Also check out if the mother tongue of your tutor is English or not.

#2 Tips: You should check the overall approach of the course material before joining the course. Be aware from the frauds which we generally face daily.

#3 Tips: Check the emphasis of the course which you are going to join on Grammar and Vocabulary. These are the basic backbone of the English Language and you need to become a master in these to become a master in English Language.

It is not so hard to become a good in English language; only thing which is required is the approach in the right direction. There are so many courses available in web industry too which allows you to master the English language in a very short time.

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