Some surprising uses of Eggs!

Eggs, mainly restricted to kitchens came out to give its appearance visible for other surprising uses also. Some of the other uses of eggs which you will find interesting and might be unknown to you are as follows:

1. As a glue: What if egg white is used as an alternate for glue? Yes! Egg whites can act as a glue substitute when gluing paper or light cardboard together. It is a perfect adhesive for such tasks.

2. Home facial: Eggs are perfect skin care products which are readily available at home and needs no time and heavy money to spend in the local day spa.

For a dry skin, separate the egg and beat the yolk to provide moisture with a little pampering. Egg white to which a bit of lemon or honey added can be used in case of oily skin. For normal skin, however, the entire egg can be used. Apply the beaten egg, relax and wait 30 minutes, then rinse. This will give a fresh look and soft skin to your face.

3. Make compost: In place of wasting the calcium rich eggshells, they can be a great addition to your compost. Calcium is a nutrient that helps plants to grow. Crush the egg shells before you put them in your compost heap to break down faster. This compost will give extra calcium to the plants and your plants will say ‘thank You’.

4. Water your plants: After boiling eggs, the remaining water can be used to water the plants in place of pouring down the drain. This water is highly rich in nutrients and can be used watering the plants after cooling.

5. Start seeds: Eggshells can be used as a holder to plant seeds. Place the eggshell halves in the carton, fill each with soil, and press seeds inside. As the eggshells are highly rich in nutrients the seeds will draw extra nutrients from the eggshells. After the seedlings are about 3 inches (7.5 centimeters) tall, they can be transplanted into the garden after removing them from the shell.

The removed shell can be reused. Crush them and put in your compost or plant them in your garden.

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