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10 Resolutions Which We Can Make in New Year!

Today is the first day of the New Year 2015. I

10 Amazing Fruits for Beautiful Skin!

We all desire for soft, glowing and beautiful skin. But with

Myths About Pregnancy!

Getting the news about being a parent is the most joyous

Health and Hygiene Tips that Every Man Must Follow!

Usually health and hygiene have no connection with men. 85 percent

Ways to Get Rid of Flabby Areas from Your Body!

Due to an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, combined with larger portion sizes

Natural Ways To Lose Your Belly Fat After Delivery!

There you are cuddling your new born angel peacefully sleeping. Finally

Six Great Things About Cape Town’s Lifestyle!

Cape Town is a vibrant, cosmopolitan city that draws more and

How to Make Your Life Simpler?

All of us want our life to be less complicated and

Top 5 Tips To Make Your Blog Better!

Blogging is the new trend these days and seldom do you

How to Love your Own Life?

I met a 16 year old teen at the park today.

How to Get Sexy and Healthy Skin during summer!

Everyone wishes to have a soft, glowing, vibrant and smooth skin

How to change your Fat Spouse?

These days’ people are gaining weight very quickly and we all

Are you Unhappy with Your Marriage?

Earlier it was used to be happily ever after marriage but

5 Benefits of Red Wine!

It would be quite surprising for you to know that wine

Music and Art: The Boon in Disguise!

If you have been thinking that music is just about a

Let’s have a New Start!

People often think about how to find a new job, new

How to Stay Healthy and Fit?

‘A sound mind resides in a sound body’ so if you

How to Keep Away the Stress from Life?

In this era of fast paced life stress is inevitable. If

Six Facts and Tips Related to Skin Care!

This post specially belongs to all my female readers, as for

Four Essential Tips to Choose a Perfect Pet for Your Family!

One of my friends was living alone in New York, he

Pre Midlife Crisis

Its again that time of the year which many despise-exams. It’s

Why we work till late hours? A need or a habit?

Today is a highly competitive world which demands hard work in
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