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3 Key Factors behind the Strong Foundation of Any Blog!

A very strong and perfect looking building can only be built

Why Having a Free Blog is Wrong in my Opinion!

After having a lot of discussion with so many friends of

How to Recover Your WordPress Blog When it is showing a Blank Screen?

Recently one of my friends WordPress blog suddenly became blank. It

Title Tag Vs. Content – Which one is Important from SEO Point of View!

It is the return blog post of mine on I News

Why Blogging is Important in Our Life?

Being a blogger, my blog are the assets of mine. Anything

How to Increase the Page Views of your Blog and Decrease Bounce Rate?

One of the major concerns of all the bloggers is how

5 Predictions About Blogging Industry in 2015!

Many newbie bloggers ask me for predictions about blogging industry, as

How Do I Get the Best WordPress Plugin for My Website?

Plugins are the functionality of your WordPress websites. It gives wings

7 Ingredients Which Can Make Your Blog a Successful One!

If I ask you about 7 ingredients which can make your

Can I use Meta Description in Tags?

One question which I encountered a few days back and which

Why to Use WordPress over Blogger?

As bloggers are familiar about different blogging platform, one question which

Is WordPress SEO Optimized?

One of the most common questions which I encountered since I

Things Required to Do After Installing WordPress!

We sometimes forget to do so many small things which can

Do You Blog As a Hobby or As a Profession?

If you are a blogger, then this discussion is for you.

Things to consider When Choosing a WordPress Hosting!

You wanted to have a blog; a self-hosted WordPress is the

Get the Best WordPress Theme for Video!

When it comes to select the best WordPress themes for your

Are You Switching Back Your Website to HTTP from HTTPS?

Do you remember the hype a few months back when all

Who is More Popular – You or Your Blog?

Do you know Alok Vats or my blog I News India?

How to Make a Socially Viral Blog?

Social media is something which no blogger can be able to

How to Earn from Your Blog?

Many bloggers want to earn through their blog. Out of so

Why Comments Are Required in a Blog?

One of my blogger friends recently asked me why we should

How to Distribute Your Blog Content?

You do blogging, but are you aware about the ways to

9 WordPress Mistakes to Avoid in Blogging!

Mistakes are eternal part of our life. As far as blogging

How to Deal with Negative Comments on your Blog?

Negative comments on your blog are one of the most demotivating

How to Write a Blog Post?

Many a times during seminars, or bloggers meet which I attend,

What is Your Main Target – Traffic or Customers?

What is the biggest challenge for an online business? You might

How to Master the Art of Blogging?

Today being the birthday of mine, I was wondering about what

5 Blogging Lessons Which I can give to Bloggers!

Although I am not a pro or an expert blogger, whom

How to Optimize Images on Your Blog?

Optimizing images is very important as far as SEO and sites

Why Do You Blog?

One of the most common questions which I always encounter is
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