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Dangers of crackers on the festival of lights!

If you’re new here, and interested in the latest news and

A few dangers of cell phone towers!

Gone are the days when mobiles were a luxury. In today’s

5 tips to make a good CV!

An impactful CV is the first step towards success because it

6 tips to avoid common fashion mistakes!

Fashion, if taken in the positive sense can stand for glamor,

Modernity causes havoc!

Unhealthy lifestyles and growing “western” impact is having adverse effects on

10 Benefits of Reading!

I’m indebted to my mother to have inculcated a great habit

Do you believe on Astrology?

Ria was 22 years old and her parents had already started

5 Advantages & Disadvantages of Distance Learning!

When I graduated from my engineering college, I had a strong

5 essential things to know before giving an Interview!

An interview is a magic wand which can get you a

Obesity is a major problem!

Technically speaking, obesity is a condition in which excess body fat

Career in BPO in India!

Few years back, India was basking in international recognition as a

Choose Safe People and Safe place for Dating!

Dating can be fun only if it’s with the right person

11 Ways to Gain Self Confidence!

“God helps those who help themselves.” We all have heard this

Problem of being a Single Parent!

Parenting is a major responsibility, more so for a single parent.

How to communicate with your Ex-Girlfriend!

You may have ended a relationship but you might be in

Self Help Group!

India has some of the poorest social indicators in the world.

Are you afraid of ghosts?

Are you afraid of ghosts? Does the thought of witches haunt

Affect of the Boss’s Gender on Work!

Talk about any kind of group; informal or formal, permanent or

4 Ways to Improve Communication Skill!

I still remember the state of my mind very vividly, when

6 Useful Blogging Tips!

A blog (a contraction of the term “Web log”) is a

Indian Fashion becomming a niche in American Culture!

Indian economy has prospered during the last 5 years. It is
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