Why Should we Promote A Cashless Life!

Cashless India is slowly-slowly becoming a reality. The need of the hour is to become cashless, and here is my blog on Why Should we Promote A Cashless Life and some of it’s benefits.

On 25th October, I wrote a blog on what are your plans & preparation for Diwali Shopping, in this blog I somehow insisted on the importance of doing online shopping. Just after a few days, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced an important announcement about DeMonetization and ultimately Government of India also start focusing on Cashless Economy. They are also supporting the cashless shopping and cashless life these days.

Why Should we Promote A Cashless Life!

Why Should we Promote A Cashless Life!

With the crunch in the cash in hand due to the De-Monetisation things happening out here in India, online shopping is in fact becoming a reality now a days. We do need to think about it seriously to live a tension free life.

Any my question is after all why not? Why can’t we go for a cashless life? What things are there which we cannot get online, or for which we would need to pay in cash only?

We are getting all the essential things of life online and we can get whatever we want from a payment from our Debit Card or Net Banking as well. Even you can buy sweets too online and pay for them from your Debit/Credit Card or Online Banking as well. Even my wife who is managing a small website for sweets (Thekua – A Bihari Sweet Dish) is allowing people to go cashless to have some desert after their food.

Even you can get house hold helps from online world. You can even call a plumber and get rid of your leaked pipe with a few clicks of mouse.

Similarly you can buy groceries, you can buy food items, you can buy shoes, you can buy cloths, you can buy fruits, you can buy train tickets, you can buy almost everything online and can pay from your credit or debit card or through Net Banking or through your e-wallet as well.

Even if you are planning to go out for a trip, gone are the days when we went out without a pre-booking. Those are the things of the past when we were traveling without a prior hotel booking. Now a days you can even book a hotel room online and can get discount on those as well, there are many companies which provide you such facility and hotels.com is also among the one. You can simply look for different Hotels.com coupons and can save a huge amount while booking hotels.

On a similar note there are many TravelGuru coupons also available online, through which you can book your travel needs and that too with a great discount.

The need of the time is to become cashless, and people normally think that they cannot become cashless while traveling, but it is a myth now. Now a days you can simply book online tickets and hotels and travel cashless too. Even you can book taxis and cabs too with your debit/credit card. Let’s start using all these things and let’s make India a Cashless country.

Please do share your opinion about this blog post of mine in the form of comments below. I would be glad to respond to your comments and feedback about it.

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