Things to Do After Doing Engineering!

If you are doing Engineering from any Engineering College, the first question which everyone else was asking you is about the things to do after doing Engineering? Here is my blog on Top Things to Do after Doing Engineering.

It is also true that you yourself has asked this question for so many times, almost on a daily basis. To be very honest we Indian’s are having this bad tendency as well, and it is not to judge on the basis of what you have studied, but we judge people on the basis of what you are doing after completing your studies. So getting the correct career path is very important in our nation.

Things to Do After Doing Engineering

Things to Do After Doing Engineering

Campus Placement

Every year we came to hear news about some student getting the blah-blah amount of offer in their campus placement. But to be very honest around 1.5 Million students pass out their Engineering in India every year, and how many of them get the campus placement? Honestly, if you are doing Engineering from IIT, or any other renowned university then you can even think about it, but if you are not in that creamy layer, then think about it once again. First not any good company is going to come for Campus Placement in your college and second the companies which will come in your college is not going to give you any lucrative job offer as well.

So what will you do?

Will you accept any irrelevant job offer of any package, just for the sake of your family, so that they shouldn’t hear any comments from society? Or you would try doing something which can give a boost in your career in coming days?

So what are the options?

Things to Do After Doing Engineering!

Here are some of the practical options of things to do after doing Engineering, which can give a better career prospect to you after doing the B. Tech, BE or any Engineering course:

Do M. Tech

Undoubtedly, only having B. Tech, or BE or any other Engineering degree in your hand is not enough, especially today when there is a huge competition in every field which you select as your career. So, one of the best suggestions which I can give to any Engineering student is to go for an M. Tech degree. Also, if Engineering is your passion, as someone mentioned it in the famous movie “3 Idiots”, then having an M. Tech degree will give you some extra knowledge of the things which you are passionate about.

If you planned on doing M. Tech, the first term which can come into your knowledge is GATE, which is known as Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering and it is the gateway of your admission in one of the best M. Tech courses and curriculum in India. It is the gate through which you can enter inside NIT’s or IIT’s for doing M. Tech. To know more about everything related to GATE 2017 preparation you can also check this GATE page of College Dunia portal, which is one of the best sites to provide such information’s to the students.

Civil Services Exams

The second best options after doing Engineering is of preparing for Civil Services Exams. In India, Collectors and IAS or even IPS officers are always the number one choice for the family of any girl, who is going to have marriage soon, and no doubt about the fact that parents of any student have this dream that their ward should become an IAS or IPS or IFS officer. And to fulfill that dream, it is best that the student should go for the preparation of civil services exams after doing Engineering.

It is no doubt that civil services exams are the toughest nuts to crack in India, not everybody gets a success in this exam. I have seen many people losing their heart after giving this exam for so many times and still not clearing it. It is not an exam in which you can get success on the basis of the fact that you are a brilliant student and you had all the knowledge about the field of your study, but it judges your entire personality.

To know more about UPSC CSE – Civil Services Exams 2017 you can follow this link:


One of the finest pay packages which Engineering students received during last few years is because of their MBA degrees after completing the Engineering course. Degrees from IIM’s of India has given jobs from the USA to many average Indian students as well, although the craze of MBA degree has gone down well during last one or two years, but still it is undoubtedly true that if your Engineering degree is from any so-called tier 2 or 3 colleges of India, but if you had an MBA degree from any IIM of India, you can still get a very good job in a well-known MNC. And to reach there CAT which is the synonym of Common Aptitude Test and the gateway of getting MBA’s degree from any IIM in India, will help you. I guess you can get more information about CAT 2017 from this link:

Be Your Own Boss

If you too like to be your own boss, then I guess after doing Engineering you should seriously think about starting your own venture. These days Startups are the hot cake, and to be very honest the present Modi government of India is giving full support to all the startups with its different Entrepreneur programs. To know more about Skill Development and Entrepreneur programs of Govt. of India you can also follow this website: I am sure with the present support if you have a dream of becoming a job provider, you can be able to achieve your dream.

So these were some of my ideas about things to do after doing Engineering, which can actually give some better scope to your career. If I missed some of the points, or you know some other options which are good for an Engineering student, then please don’t hesitate in sharing the same in the form of comments below, so that we can also be able to know about them.

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