Career Options after Doing Class 12 – What To Do after Senior Secondary!

Many students are these days waiting for the results of class 12. It is the time of taking strong decisions as their career is involved with it. Here is my blog on career options after doing class 12 – what to do after Senior Secondary?

Career Options after Doing Class 12

What To Do after Senior Secondary!

What To Do after Senior Secondary!

Normally it is considered that a new era opens to students who complete class 12. It is the time when students find them at a crossroad, where he can have different roads. But since the teenage student is not aware of which is the best road for him or her career, they became confused at this time.

It is also undoubtedly true that parents normally fail to counsel these students, as they normally fail to adjust with kids. It usually happens because, as there is a generation gap between the two generations and normally there is less coordination between them.

It is also true that today students have many opportunities. Remember the year when we did class 12, by the way, I passed my class 12 in the year 1997, that time only a few options were there in front of us and those were off doing Engineering or go for the Medical line. Fortunately, these days I can see plenty of options to 12 passed students.

A few months back I was working in Frankfinn, and there only I realized that the time has changed, although I am not going to suggest anyone to do some course from there but yes with the boom of IT sector, Hospitality Sector, Tourism Sector, BPO Sector, students nowadays has many options in their hand to opt for after doing class 12.

What to Do after Senior Secondary?

If you have given your intermediate or senior secondary exam these days or shall give it next year too, then this blog is especially for you only. It is undoubtedly true that people expect correct career decisions from you students, but normally it is hard to decide what to do after doing the senior secondary or intermediate? Here are some options which you can do after clearing your class 12th exams:

Selection Based on Your Interest

It is a fact that as you grow older, career selection path will become difficult for you. When you were studying in primary school, so were you aware that what you would like to become in future? Normally none of us think about these questions before giving exams in class 12.

It is, therefore, essential to think about different career options just after giving class 12th examinations. You should know that what subject interest you or which fields are there which can suit you. Based on your interest only, you should plan to select some career opportunity.

It is not necessary that your entire friend’s group should choose the same field. If someone wants to do engineering then it is entirely their decision, you should not get influenced by decisions made by others. They all are free to take decisions based on their own interest, similarly, you too are free to take the career-related decision based on your own interest. Remember the movie 3 Idiots?

Here are some options which you all can choose from:

Hotel Management

A few days back only I visited IHA (Indian Hotel Academy) – one of the renowned hotel management institutes in Delhi and came to know about the career aspect when it comes to doing hotel management courses are concerned. During recent years the growth of tourism in India has led to the growth of Hotel Industry in India, thus, the Hotel and Tourism and Hospitality Industries generated a promising career to youths. Actually, the motive of the Hotel Management courses is that the pass out students should provide the best services to its customers and thus help Hotel Industry to grow on.

When I look at the growth of Hotels in any major city of India, I realize the potential which hotel management courses are. As per the World Travel & Tourism Council’s Economic Impact 2015, Ministry of Tourism, TechSci Research, around 15.3 million foreign tourists should arrive in India in 2025. In the year 2014, it was 7.4 million, while during the first 10 months in the year 2015 only it crosses over 7.1 million. So you all can understand the huge job demands which boom in this sector will create in India.

Aviation Industry

It is also true that when Hotel industry will grow, the travel industry is also going to boom. With the focus of developing airports at two tier cities in India, or with the growth of smart cities in India, the aviation industry is no doubt going to be the next hot cake. There are huge demands in the fields of Air Hostess, Flight Stewards, Pilot, Ground Staffs, etc.

Since I myself was the part of Frankfinn (which is a well-known name in air hostess training) so I have experienced the real boom in Aviation industry. Although I am not going to suggest anyone to do air hostess training from Frankfinn, because of so many reasons, but yes I can suggest everyone that after 12th you all can think about the Aviation industry as a strong career option.

Hotel Management and Aviation Industries are the options for any stream students.

Health Sciences

When I am saying about health sciences, it simply doesn’t mean that I am recommending only MBBS course. These days the growth of pharmaceuticals and test labs developed a new field to the 12 pass students. Look at the job opportunities which test labs and clinics and pharmaceuticals are providing to the youth. You can always choose BDS, BAMS, BUMS, BHMS, BPT, BOT, Pathology Language Course, Nursing, Nuclear Medicine Technology, etc. courses other than the MBBS course.

Unlike hotel management and aviation industries, these options in health sciences are meant for those students who have Physics, Chemistry, and Biology in their class 12.

Accounting Industry

Chartered Accountant, Cost and Works Accountancy, or Company Secretary, these are some of the reputed job openings, and these are some of the fields in which students from any streams can join and develop their career, but yes these fields become easier for students from commerce background.

You can also go for Accounting Technician Course or you can also do short term course in Certificate in Accounting Technician. You can get more information and help about these courses at or too

Human Resources

The growth of companies in India, no matter in which industry it belongs, opened a new era for the students. And it is in the field of Human Resources. There is no any specific course which can be referred for managing human resources, but yes I would suggest everyone to first clear their graduation from any stream and can do any short term certificate course in human resource management and can enter into this field.

Law Degree Courses

Those who want to grow themselves as a lawyer can certainly opt for BA LLB or BBA LLB types of courses.

Foreign Languages / Translators

With the growth in Tour and Travel sector, the requirements of experts in foreign languages and translators have also increased these days.

Mass Communication

Mass communication is also one of the most demanding fields these days.

Music, Dance, and Sports

There was a time when there was no career scope in the fields of music, dance and sports. For parents kids who were interested in these fields were a failure. But now the scenario has changed completely. Nowadays you can also develop yourself in these fields if you have the talent related to it.


Other than all these you all can also think about being a Visual Artist, Video Editor, Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Fashion Designer, Jeweler Designer, etc. The choice entirely depends on your own interest and there should not be any pressure from anyone to select any industry for your career.

I wish best of luck to all the students who are waiting for their class 12th results, and I hope that my blog on different career options available to them might help them to select the industry of their own choice. Please do share your comments with us.

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