Title Tag Vs. Content – Which one is Important from SEO Point of View!

Many SEO’s emphasize on writing search engine friendly titles for their web page, instead of focusing on the real content of the page. Here is my blog on Title Tag Vs. Content – which one is important from SEO point of view.

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Title Tag Vs. Content – Which one is Important from SEO Point of View!

Title Tag Vs. Content – Which one is Important from SEO Point of View!

Title Tag Vs. Content – Which one is Important from SEO Point of View!

Now coming back to the topic, from SEO points of view we all are aware that content is the king. But the concern is that many SEO’s are there who focuses so much on developing search engine friendly title tags for each page of their website and in between the same, they somewhat ignore the importance of the content on each of the pages of their website.

Recently I came through one interesting question and hence thought to have a blog on this topic. One of my colleagues asked me that which one is more important, the title tag of the page or the content on that particular page?

To be very frank, both of them are important. Content is essential, and quality content is required to attract search engines, as well as the visitors too. Other than it to get the SEO love optimizing the Title tag of your web page is also crucial. But ignoring the content on the page and focusing so much on the Title tags of the page is not the right approach.

In my opinion only focusing on optimizing title tags of a page is not worthy, if you are not focusing on the on-page content of the site. In fact, if you don’t even put the title tag on a web page, your page still has a chance to rank well in search engines, but on the other hand, if you are missing the content on the page, and putting a well-optimized title, it will never guarantee a ranking in search engines.

Recently Google too cleared that title tags are not a critical ranking signal and can also be ignored while optimizing the website. On the other hand content on the pages are a critical ranking signals and webmasters should never ignore it.

Recently in a hangout, John Mueller of Google confirmed that Title tags of a page are not the primary ranking factor of a page, rather he insisted that content of the website is essential and webmasters should focus on the same. Second thing on which he focuses is that filling the title tags with keywords in a hope that it will help you to rank well in search engines is not a good concept. As far as Google is concerned, they don’t give much value to the same.

Though, if you ask me, title tags are important for SEO, but it should reflect proper according to the content of the same page. In fact, a title tag with keywords stuffed into it, or irrelevant keywords will increase the bad user experience and hence will reduce your chances to rank well in search engines.

You can also watch it at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfXGfvKJnPY#t=3450

So guys, if you are focusing on doing Search Engine Optimization of your website, let’s put focus on putting relevant, quality, useful and informative content on your website, then only you can think about tweaking the title tags and other SEO related stuff on your website.

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