Top Engineering Colleges in Gujarat!

When it comes about technical education and its status in Gujarat, many people find it hard to think about top engineering colleges in Gujarat. Do you know the reasons why?

Let me tell you. When it comes about Gujarat, people normally consider that the students of Gujarat are not much interested in getting technical education. Undoubtedly we Indians from some other states always has a rumor that Gujarati people are more commerce inclined and prefer studying commerce and doing businesses in their life.

Top Engineering Colleges in Gujarat

Top Engineering Colleges in Gujarat

We are a bit right too. Gujarati people have business in their blood. While studying only they think about starting their own start-up and they do so too after completing their education. So, this being the only reason why we consider that Gujarati students don’t give much thought about getting technical education.

Frankly speaking till a few days back I was also having the same thought, but when I recently visited Gujarat, I came to know about some of the prominent engineering colleges in Gujarat. To my surprise, I even came to know that there is an IIT too in Gandhinagar. Honestly I never heard that the capital of Gujarat is also having a branch of Indian Institute of Technology, which is considered as the top most engineering colleges in India.

Not only engineering colleges, but during my visit I also came to know about the fact that there are some great colleges in Gujarat which are becoming the hub of providing technical education to students. These days some of the engineering colleges in Gujarat are becoming the preferred destination for getting MTech studies. So MTech colleges in Gujarat are also increasing from some time now. To my surprise many students from Gujarat are now a day’s inclining towards getting technical education and this is the reason why I am seeing a great number of increases in numbers of engineering and MTech colleges in Gujarat.

It is undoubtedly true that these days technical education is becoming the necessity for all. India is not doubt growing up, and the development of the nation depends on the growth of the education system. It is undoubtedly true that technical colleges and education plays a crucial role in helping developing students who are technically sound and can take nation forward.

Gujarat is also understanding the necessity and hence changing its image of commerce oriented state. Business is surely their first preference but now technical studies are also replacing their preferences of choosing higher education.

This blog post is written by one of the friends of Alok Vats, and his name is Pradeep Sharma. He is from Noida and recently visited Gujarat and visited some of the technical colleges there.

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