INI Weekly Series – Week 50 and Last Blog Post!

As you all know that we started this trend of sharing all the posts of a week in a weekly series and hence this is our 50th weekly post, and to your surprise it is my last blog post over here for some time now.

In this 50th edition of the INI weekly series (since we started sharing this weekly trends), I will be sharing the blogs which I published during the week of 6th April 2015 to 11th of April 2015 on I News India and other blogs of mine, and I will also tell you all why is it my last post over here and Tech Acid for the time being?

INI Weekly Series - Weekly Post

INI Weekly Series – Weekly Post

Honestly, I am glad to announce that I became the Senior Manager Social Media at one of the most renowned company of Aviation Industry, i.e. Frankfinn. This is the time when I am too focused about developing the blog and social media plan for them and hence I decided to give up these two blogs of mine.

I am not going to give more time on these blogs of mine as I am now more focused to give time on my professional blogs. I am very soon going to announce about the blogs which I set up at Frankfinn and am quite sure very soon I will make them popular as well.

Here are the blog posts of this week:

Why Do We Take So Much Tensions of Exams?

Exam Tensions

Exam Tensions

Life is already full of tensions, but these tensions of life are not at all when you see the tensions which any student takes for any exams. Why do we take so much tensions of exams?

Know More About Xaviers Aptitude Test!



Do you know about Xaviers Aptitude Test? I guess you are not hearing this term XAT for the first time, like I heard it today. Read on this blog to know more about Xaviers Aptitude Test.

The Life Without Online Coupons!

Online Coupons

Online Coupons

How will our life look if we don’t have coupons to use? I guess it will become so dull. Check out this blog post of mine for the life without online coupons.

Being said that I am saying good bye to you all for the time being. Hope you will be able to meet me at some other blog and that too very soon :)

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