Things Required to Do After Installing WordPress!

We sometimes forget to do so many small things which can become embarrassing later on, when it comes to install WordPress. Here are some things required to do after installing WordPress.

The readers of my blog are already aware about the fact that WordPress is the most popular blogging platform and widely used by many experienced bloggers. Some inexperienced and immature bloggers like me too prefer using WordPress only for my blogs.

Things Required to Do After Installing WordPress!

Things Required to Do After Installing WordPress!

Although when we install wordpress, there are something’s which we forget to set up. These happen because of sheer ignorance, otherwise these things are quite clear and nobody should ever forget setting them up. Here is the checklist which can guide you to do the basic settings after installing WordPress.

Things Required to Do After Installing WordPress!

Those who are not aware about how to install WordPress from can actually read this blog post of mine, though these days WordPress is being installed in a slight different way, though the basics remains the same which I illustrated in this blog. I will soon going to update this blog post with the latest techniques used by WordPress these days.

And those who don’t want to follow the traditional way to install WordPress can also follow this blog of mine on how to install WordPress quickly, so that they can be able to quickly install WordPress on their site. You can also check my blog on things to consider when choosing a WordPress hosting, it is one of the most important post you should look if you are seriously looking towards developing a WordPress site.

No matter which path you decided to go, you will reach to the same destination. You will have a blog or site ready with you, and the things which you provided while installing the same are your site title (though optional), an username, the admin email id, and the password.

Thus you can do login to your admin panel with the help of these things. Here comes the thing which you need to setup now so that you cannot feel embarrassed in front of your readers.

Change the Tagline

This is something which any of your readers will be able to see it. When they will open your website, the first thing which will come into their notice is the “Yet Another WordPress Site” which will come with your site name.

The first thing which you should do is to go the settings and General sub menu and in a few words you can explain what your new site is all about. It will be featured into Tagline section. You can delete the default options if you have not yet decided about anything.

You can also change the title of your website from here, if you have not provided it while installing the site; we assume you provided it while installing the site only.

Changing the Permalink

Changing the permalink is the most important thing. You should be careful while doing so. It is not like that you cannot change them in future, you can anytime make changes in it, but once you have the site ready with so many posts, it will be a tedious task to change the link structure, as it might cause some broken links for your website, which is harmful as far as the SEO of your website is concerned.

So I would suggest you all to decide about a permanent URL structure for your website and do stick with it permanently. You can either chose the post-name as the permalink, or you can also chose date along with it. When you click the permalinks subheading of your settings section, you will get something like:

  • Default /?p=123
  • Day and name /2015/02/09/sample-post/
  • Month and name /2015/02/sample-post/
  • Numeric /archives/123
  • Post name /sample-post/

And Custom as well.

Depending on your own requirement you can select the option which you want for your website. Remember choosing default is not an ideal way of setting the permalinks of your website.

Installing Important Plugins

Although I am writing a blog on some important and must have plugins, but since that post is not ready, so let us tell you some important plugins which you must need to install while you finish installing your website. It includes the plugin like W3 Total Cache, or WP Super Cache for clearing the cache of your WordPress site, Akismet, for protecting the site from comment spams, and any SEO plugins like Yoast, or All in One.

I will discuss about these plugins in the upcoming blog post of mine. You can subscribe to my blog to know about when it will come live.

Setting Social Media Sharing Icons

By default all your social media icons will have a link to #, which is embarrassing for your readers. So you must need to configure them properly so that if someone clicks on them should land to the proper place.

So these were some of the basic things which you must need to do whenever you install a new WordPress site. You can also delete the unused themes of your site from the Appearance section of your admin panel. And yes don’t forget to set up the backup procedure for your new site. It is very important.

Do share your feedback about this blog post of mine in the form of comments below.

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