When is the Right Time to Start a Fresh Website?

It is indeed a hot topic among webmasters whether it is good to create a new site or fixing your old website only when Google penalizes it for whatsoever reasons? Read on this blog post of mine to understand when is the right time to start a fresh website?

Well, it is indeed true that since the Penguin and Panda updates of Google, SEO and online marketing industry has changed completely. Many websites which were involved in poor search engine optimization techniques to gain rankings in Google or other search engines, thus got penalized by them, were forced to shut down their website.

When is the Right Time to Start a Fresh Website?

When is the Right Time to Start a Fresh Website?

Many website owners were a bit optimistic and thought that they can recover their website from whatever bad either they did or someone hired by them did to their site.

But unfortunately some website owners were not at all aware about how deeply they were involved in those so called poor SEO techniques that they were unable to rectify their websites and come up again in Google searches.

When is the Right Time to Start a Fresh Website?

So when do you think that it is right time to start a fresh website then investing some more time and efforts on your old website?

Well, if you ask me for suggestions, I will be a bit harsh if I will say that it is the time when you should shut down your old websites if it is still not recovering from the penalties.

But it is not true, I am actually a bit realistic than the harsh one. You can find my comment as a realistic one, since if your website has not yet recovered from the penalties and showing no improvement then it is indeed good time to dump it.

There are actually so many things, which might seems outdated, and sometimes it becomes difficult to rectify all of them on your old website, so that search engines can understand that your website is fine to rank for keywords on which you were ranking earlier.

How to Recover Your Website from Google Penalty?

Many people feel stressed when they get any mail from Google. And when it is intimation about any Google penalty it might give them heart attacks as well. Obviously a website is the life and soul for many webmasters. For a few people their website is the only source of bread and butter as well.

So feeling stressed when we get the intimation that our website is penalized by Google for whatsoever reasons is obvious. But honestly it is not the end of the road. You can still rectify your website or the techniques used to rank it in Google and you can recover from such penalties.

Honestly in my professional life I encountered so many similar situations and recovered or helped others to recover from such situations for so many times during last two years.

If your website too has recently faced any Google penalty or has faced it from so long then I guess this blog post of mine on how to recover your website from Google penalty can come handy. There is absolutely no need to feel panicked because of it.

You can also contact me on my mail id vatsalok@gmail.com or inews@inewsindia.com or through my twitter account to discuss about some penalties which you are thinking making your life impossible.

How to Deal with Unnatural Links Penalty?

Well, I think I have already discussed about it in past too. You can read this blog post of mine in which I discussed about how we can recover our website from unnatural links penalty.

Well, I guess in majority of cases websites either got a penalty for poor content on their site, or poor quality of links on their website. Honestly these two things are something which can be rectified quite easily.

Out of these two unnatural links penalty is the simplest one. As Google has already provided you the best tool to handle poor quality backlinks to your website, so you can also use Google Disavow Links tool and get rid of those poor quality so called unnatural links to your website and your site can recover from it.

When it comes about penalty from poor quality content on your website, then it is the right time that you should get rid of that poor quality content on your website. Try to rewrite those poor quality posts, or you can even delete them from your website.

Honestly, if you can come up with these two things I don’t think that you should need to dump your old website.

But then the biggest question of the hour is: When is the Right Time to Start a Fresh Website?

I guess it is the time when you invested all your hard work, resources, time and money on rectifying your website and cleaning its link profile, but still you are not seeing any sort of progress after one or two years of time. But then it is the time when you also need to justify your efforts as well.

Ask yourself honestly if you have given the best possible efforts to recover your website? Ask yourself what things you left behind while recovering your website.

If the responses which comes from the core of your heart that I invested everything and did whatever was best possible from me to recover my site then I guess you should quit. Instead of resolving further it is better to dump your old site and come with a new domain.

This is the reason why many people already has 2 or more sites for the backup purposes, so that they can start working on some other site, the day their main site becomes hard to recoverable.

So the point which I wanted to say with this blog is that first you should try your best to recover a website from any penalty and then still investing so much time, energy and efforts if you are seeing no progress then it is also good to dump this site and come up with a new site.

I guess two of my blogs on new approach towards online marketing after Panda and Penguin updates of Google and how to survive the guest blogging penalty can also be useful for you. Please do share your opinion about these posts in the form of comments.

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