How to Make a Socially Viral Blog?

Social media is something which no blogger can be able to ignore these days. We all want that our blog should be viral on social media. Do you know the secret of how to make a socially viral blog?

Read on this blog post to know what things can help your blog to become a socially viral one?

How to Make a Socially Viral Blog?

How to Make a Socially Viral Blog?

We all dream about our blog becoming viral on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. We know that it is not that much easy, though it is not impossible as well.

Your blog just need a few basic things and your determination, and soon your blog can be a viral blog at social media sites.

How to Make a Socially Viral Blog?

Although, no one can take the guarantee of it, but it is also true that it is possible to make a blog viral on social media sites. The biggest question is that how? Here are the answers:

Content Matters

Well, the very first thing which I can suggest about developing a socially viral blog is the quality of content, which is actually considered as the backbone of every website. We already have heard about content being the king in online marketing. So the first thing which matters is the quality of the content which you are publishing on your blog.

To develop a socially viral blog, you must need to produce very high quality content.

When we say about high quality content, people think that it should be so lengthy, grammatically correct and proper content. Although I don’t deny that if you want to make a blog viral then you should write it in grammatically correct way only, but it is not true that it should be a lengthy post only. Length of the post can be managed with graphics and images.

Many people also think that your blog should be written in a complex language. Frankly I sometimes wonder how a blogger uses complex terms in his/her blog. After all buddy you are writing a blog, not a novel or documentary.

If you go through my blogs, you will realize the fact that I always prefer to write blogs in a very simple language, which can be understandable by mass. Although my grammatical part is not okay, and that can be yet another reason which is why my blogs are not socially viral ;)

So whenever you decide to create a new blog post, try to give yours best in it and make it informative, rich and nice blog so that people can like and share it on social media.

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Interactive Blog

Your blog should not be a dull place for your readers. A blog can become a socially viral blog only if there is some kind of life in it. It must need to interact with its readers.

Tell me one thing; do you know why two way conversations are useful and better than one way conversations? Take it in this way, in first example you are talking to one of your friends, and in second example your boss is scolding you.

Which one sounds good to you?

Which one can be more fruitful?

I am sure majority of my blog readers will respond the first one. Since this is the way in which you are also talking to your friend, and at the same time you are also listening to your friend. On the other hand in second example when your boss is scolding you, you are only listening to whatever he is saying to you.

No one wants to read a blog which sounds as the second types of examples I mentioned above. We all love to read a blog which sounds interactive to us and we get the responds from them, if by any chance we express something over there.

Your blog should be written in a way which can compel the readers to express their opinion about it.

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Images Plays Vital Role

If you want to be successful on social media sites as a blogger, one thing which matters a lot is the quality of images you are using on your blog. This is something which can really differentiate between your posts and some other posts. Honestly, if your content is of superb quality and it is not matching with a great image, all your hard work might go into vein as well.

Do you know that images in sites like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter can differentiate your posts from other posts which use only texts?

Honestly, images do a massive role in it, and then we have sites like Pinterest and Instagram which are meant for images only. So better quality images plays a crucial role behind making your content a viral one on social sites, other than the quality of content and its interactivity, don’t ignore them on your post.

If you can invest some budget for it, you should do it as well. I always insist that two things on which a blogger should invest are content and images for their blog.

Check out this blog post of mine on how to optimize images on your blog, and I am sure you will start optimizing images of your blog.

Use Proper Template

Here comes the most important aspect of this post. The most important thing which can help you to develop a socially viral blog is the theme or the template of your blog. It is something which I always insist to some blogger friends of mine like Vinay Nagaraju, Abhijit Bangal, Shwetabh Mathur, etc.

No matter how good blogger you are, no matter how great content you writes, no matter if you have thousands of followers in social media sites, no matter how great images you produces for your blog, all of these things can also be a waste if you don’t have a tempting theme installed on your blog.

Only having quality things on your blog or site is not everything which can makes it a socially viral blog, but you also needs to place them in the best possible way. This is when the role of theme or template came into existence.

To be very frank, I have seen so many premium themes during 8 years of my blogging career. I have also worked for so many free themes as well, but the best themes which I came through in between are the one developed by My Theme Shop. Honestly they are the best WordPress theme developers, I came across so far.

Look at the theme which I am using at this blog, or the one which I am using at Tech Acid. Frankly one of the best themes as far going socially viral is concerned is actually one of the recent themes developed by them, and it is the Socially Viral by My Theme Shop.

Socially Viral WordPress Theme

Socially Viral WordPress Theme

I recently installed it on one of my friend’s blog and became a fan of this theme; though the credit can also be given to the pictures made by Rekha Nair, one of my friends.

If you go by the features like Mega Menu, Featured Post, Review System, Sharing Buttons, etc. you will realize that this is a theme which can really help your blog to become viral on social media sites.

Socially Viral WordPress Theme for Blog

Socially Viral WordPress Theme for Blog

So along with quality content and superb images, one thing which can really change the fate of your blog then it is the theme of your blog and you should think about changing it to the best one as soon as possible.

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Time of Sharing Matters

The moment when you are sharing your content on social media sites also plays a very important role in making it a hit or miss. The tools like Klout can come handy in this condition. It is a tool which can tell you how influential are you on social media sites, and when is the best time to share posts from your accounts.

I would recommend bloggers using it for increasing the interactivity on social sites.

I hope this blog post can inspire you to become a pro blogger. Please do share your opinion about it with us. Social media is one of the most important things which none of the bloggers can ignore at the moment. So if you are running a blog or planning to start a new one, you should consider about things which can help you to become a hit at social media.

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