Why Comments Are Required in a Blog?

One of my blogger friends recently asked me why we should have comments enabled on a blog. Afterall why comments are required in a blog? Does blog comments really matters?

Read on this blog post of mine on why comments are required in a blog and why it should be enabled.

A few days back even Vinay Nagaraju, from inspire99.com was also discussing the same with me. The idea of this blog post actually came through the same discussion. He was actually asking me about how I can take benefits of comments posted by users.

Why Comments Are Required in a Blog?

Why Comments Are Required in a Blog?

I suggested him some ideas through which any blogger can be able to take benefits of the comments on their blog, though those ideas are quite simple, but these are too beneficial. So Vinay thought I should share it with other users as well.

And then yesterday when I was discussing the same with one more blogger friends of mine, I thought to come up with this post.

Although it is also true that I have already written so many blog posts on blog comments like how to do comments on blogs, how to deal with negative comments, responding to blog comments is good or bad, and allowing moderation of comments on your blog is good or bad. I am sure you all must have gone through these posts and you are also aware about the issue which I and my blog I News India had to face because of one user generated content, i.e. comment.

Why Comments Are Required in a Blog?

So I think you all might also have the same query that when comments are so trouble making then what is the need to let it enabled on our blog? We can easily disable it from our admin panel and no one will be able to make any comment on our blog.

Honestly there are so many blogs available in this world which doesn’t allow commenting on them. This is like you can visit the blog, read them, and you don’t have any option to share your opinion about it over there. A few days back one of my blogger friends Ravish too disabled comment on his blog http://successfulbeing.blogspot.in/ and started a new concept of discussing about it on social sites.

I am sure he must be getting some social interaction through it, but I am not sure if it is actually benefiting him more than when usual comments scenario was active on his site. Ravish also promised me that he will let me know about the actual impact which it caused on the interactivity of his blog. I am sure he will comment about it.

So the point which we were discussing was on blog comments. As I already mentioned in one of my old blog post on user generated content that user generated content i.e. comments is very much required. It also helps in the SEO of your website and increases the popularity of your site as well.

Though are these the only points which make enabled comments on your blog essential?

No, I don’t think so. Here are some more benefits which user enabled comments bring to your website:

Increases Content Length

One crucial benefit which comments on your blog or website provide is that it helps the growth of content on your website. Comments made by users on your website is known as user generated content, and as these days we say that lengthy content is required to rank well in search engines like Google, hence it supports the increase of content length on your site.

Do promote commenting on your blog and see the impact on search engine ranking of your website.

Refreshes Content

You published a blog post a few days back. Soon search engines will consider it outdated, but whenever a new comment will be published on it, they will consider the same page as a fresh and updated version of the same page.

So comments on your blog or website help you to refresh your content for search engines purpose. It is indirectly helping the search engine optimization campaign of your website.

Increases User Interactivity

Blogging is not only about writing content. It is even more than that. Blogging is also a process of relationship building. And to do so user interactivity is very much required.

If you think that only writing blog posts without enabling comments on your blog can make you a pro-blogger or an authority or an expert blogger, you’re wrong. Think about it once again.

To establish yourself as an authority blogger, your blog should speak on your behalf and when you are speaking then you should remember that no talk can be possible if it is happening in one way only. Is it happening that when you talk to a friend on cell phone, only you were speaking and your friend was listening throughout the conversation?

To make a conversation fruitful it should be two-way only, else it will fail.

Similarly on your blog you are saying whatever you want to say about a point, and none of your readers are being able to say anything on your opinion. I suppose it is one type of criminal offence for your listeners. And it is suicidal for you as well.

Reduces Bounce Rate

Once the user interactivity increases on your blog, it will automatically reduce the bounce rate on your site. This is yet another SEO ranking factor, and improvement in it will help your website in the improvement of the ranking of your website.

So these were some of the benefits which comments enabling on your blog can bring to your blog. Honestly if you call yourself as a blogger and your blogs are having zero comments than anyone can predict that it is a very boring or dull blog. I once said that a blog without traffic is dead, but how can a third person know if your blog is getting traffic or not?

They can simply assume it through the comments on your blog. If your blog has some more comments, they can easily understand that it is getting visitors.

So it is quite clear that comments bring life in your blog or website.

How to Take Benefits from Comments?

You might also ask me how I can take benefits from the comments on my blog. Here are some points which can help you to do so:

Enhancing Content

No matter if you are an experienced blogger, or a new one, you must forget mentioning some small points in your blog post. It is quite normal as well that you missed mentioning some points in your blog posts.

When someone comments about something on your post, you can share that missing point in response to that. It will actually boost the ranking of your blog only.

Sometimes it also happens that some relevant incident or update related to one of our blog post came and we don’t find it so useful that we can create a new blog post out of it. So the best way to handle such things is that you can share the same in comments of the existing news.

Social Interactivity

How many times you do share a blog post of your blog on Twitter? Or even on Facebook?

I guess maximum 2-3 times only. But a new comment on your site can actually give you yet another opportunity to share it on social media sites and increase the social interactivity on your site.

You can mention the comments on Twitter, FB, Google+ and all other such social media sites along with a link to your blog. This will increase the social interactivity of your website.

Well, only top notch celebrities had the privilege that they can ignore comments on their blog. But all other bloggers must have to give value to the comments on their blog. I suppose my blog on why comments are required in a blog is useful for you. Please do share your opinion about it in the form of comments below.

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