What is Your Main Target – Traffic or Customers?

What is the biggest challenge for an online business? You might respond it as getting traffic. My concern is though, what is your main target – traffic or customers? Read on this blog to understand if you need more traffic, or customers?

We all are either the owner of a website or a blog. If you don’t know what is the difference between the two then you can also read this blog post of mine. Being a site owner I can say that we webmasters are always behind getting traffic on their website.

What is Your Main Target - Traffic or Customers?

What is Your Main Target – Traffic or Customers?

Being an SEO too I can say that the ultimate goal of every website owner is to get traffic on their website.

Though my concern is a bit different, I simply want to know if getting traffic is good or getting relevant traffic, which can either purchase something from you, or which can avail the services which you are offering is better?

In other words you can say if your online business is having 10 visitors only, but 6 out of those 10 are purchasing something (either services or products) from your website, and on the other if my website is getting around 2000 visitors daily, but none of them are useful for my site, then which one is better in your opinion?

I have no doubt that people will call your website as better, despite being the fact that there is a huge (around 200%) difference of traffic between the two.

To be very frank the biggest mistake which almost every site owner is making these days is of focusing for the wrong thing. Although I won’t say that focusing on traffic is somehow bad, but honestly instead of focusing on traffic people should focus on getting relevant traffic on their website.

Let me give you a quite simple example. My blog I News India share some blogging tips, SEO tips, Self Improvement Tips, etc. Let’s say my website is getting near about 2000 visitors on a daily basis. What is the point if none of them are reading the blog posts which I am sharing with so much efforts?

What is the purpose of a blog?

What will be your response for the purpose of a blog?

Well, as per me it is a platform of sharing information and knowledge and building relationships.

You write a blog sharing your information and knowledge, and an unknown person reads it, likes it, and shares his/her opinion about it, and this process is known as blogging.

So this is all about blogging, and then is it fine if I always run behind getting more traffic on my blog?

What is Your Main Target – Traffic or Customers?

So what do you think now? Traffic is more important or getting customers is?

Well, don’t take it in this way that I somehow telling you that you or I should not run behind getting traffic for our website. Well the obvious reason or lifeline for the living of a blog is traffic only. A site without traffic is dead.

But, the serious thing is that if you are getting a bit less traffic too, then you should not feel demotivated about it.

Honestly believe me, if you will simply run behind watching the traffic to your website increase, then one day you will find it too boring too. You need some passion to run your website, and only the growth of the traffic is not the same.

What is in Numbers?

I can’t say that numbers are not important. We all have different types of numbers in our life. You might have some specific number of girlfriends, or boyfriends, but does it matter much in our life?

There was a time when people were crazy about number of friends in Orkut, then they became crazy about number of Facebook friends, one day they became crazy about how many likes I am getting when I am sharing a picture on Facebook, later on they became crazy about number of followers on Twitter.

But does all that numbers matters much in our life?

If not then why are we so worried about the number of traffic on our website?

Being an SEO from last 10 years, I saw the craziness among my SEO clients of knowing how many keywords are there in which their websites is ranking? Does it matter of the real business through your website matters?

What do you say about it?

You hired an SEO firm which gave you a list of 500 keywords, out of which they ranked your website in 499 keywords, that too for a position on first page in top 5 only. You might feel proud of hiring them for your firm. But I won’t be.

Reason being, do let me know the growth of your real business. How much is the impact on your business with those ranking on 499 keywords?

If you will hire me as an SEO of your website, I won’t go for a list of keywords for the SEO of your website. I would rather prefer to give you the real business through your website. Useless traffic or keywords ranking won’t give you the best results. That can be good if you are hiring a cheap SEO firm for your purpose. Real SEO will influence your business and will cost heavy on your pocket as well.

Am I not conflicting?

Well, as an SEO people do believe that it will bring traffic on their website and increase the ranking of their website in Google and all other search engines.

Am I not conflicting myself only when I am saying that people should not think about those numbers only?

Well, up to an extent yes, I am conflicting. I won’t deny that traffic or keywords ranking has an important place in the world of SEO, but the real thing on which not many people are focusing is about getting real business through your website. Just like the fact that if my blog is attracting millions of traffic, but none of them are either finding it useful for them, or most of them are not actually reading it, then it is useless.

So my suggestions to any budding blogger or website or online business owners are that you should not get obsessed for mere traffic on your website. You should understand the actual need of your website and target to get those types of visitors only. It is known as relevant traffic and this can be achieved through SEO as well (know more about what exactly is SEO?).

Let me know your opinion about what are you thinking about this topic which I discussed in this blog. Please do share your opinion about this blog post of mine.

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