How to Become a Smart Worker?

If you are a hard worker then this blog is for you only. These days only hard working doesn’t works, you need smart working approach to become a smart worker. Read on this blog post of mine to know more about how to become a smart worker?

There are two types of workers in this world. One who works so hard, but remains unnoticed by almost everyone. Other one is the one, who works smartly, not so hard, but gets noticed by higher authorities and get much needed appraisals and promotions.

We all wanted to be the second one, but unfortunately most of us remain in the first category only.

How to Become a Smart Worker?

How to Become a Smart Worker?

How to Become a Smart Worker?

First let us discuss about the hard worker. Let me tell you the example of one of my much closed friends. He uses to study all the times. He was a person, who won’t ever go to parties, won’t ever go to watch a movie with us, only things which he use to prefer is to study all the times.

We two were the roommates, but we two were completely different. I use to study on a regular schedule only. I use to study for two hours in the morning and two hours at evening only. While during my regular study I use to go for studying computer education as well, and I use to teach some kids as well.

The reason why I am telling this story is because during exams that friend of mine was always getting less marks than mine and he has a complaint that he use to devote so much time on study but I was doing better in exams.

How come I was getting better results than him in exams, while I was studying only 4 hours a day, while he use to study for around 18 hours a day?

The reason being my approach was simple. I was considered as the smart student those days. When I joined the corporate world I realized that hard work is not everything which can give you everything, but you need a very smart approach to be noticed at wherever you are working.

Who is a Hard Worker?

Let me tell you how can you identify a hard worker? A hard worker can be noticed in any company. You can simply identify him or her with their appearance only. A hard worker is an employee who will spend most of his time at his desk only. Either he will sit in front of monitor for a long-long time or if he is doing some file work, he can be seen working on those files for long-long time.

If anyone will monitor the person closely he will find them as the person who does so much works. At the end of the year when his Team Leader or Manager will not give him the desired appraisal he will have the most negative thinking about their TL, or manager or the company. But the main thing which that hard worker forgets is that his hard work is not giving any return to the company or any benefits to the company.

The reality is entirely different my dear friends. A person who is a hard worker is actually working without having any aim. The person doesn’t even know the fact that in which direction he is leading his life. He uses to spend hours on a work which can even take minutes to complete.

Let me give you the example of my previous organization, there the entire online marketing team was working in a way that a work which should have finished in a few hours uses to be completed in a few days and weeks as well. When I joined there as Online Marketing Manager, I tried to give them the smart approach. The entire team was so lazy that they all started doing politics against me, since I was the person who was trying to make things simpler.

They all were working in that organization from so long, while I joined there recently only. Second thing the CEO of the company was such a person who uses to listen to the guys who use to do buttering on him. Now this is something which I hate thoroughly. I never did the buttering of anyone in my life and would not even do in future as well.

Ultimately the result was soon I was out of the organization and within a year of my exit from there, they outsourced all their online marketing works to another company and the returns are becoming too less compared to what they were getting at my time.

But anyways, it is their own decisions, how can I say that I was right only and they were wrong. After all they have money then can spend it in the way that they want. In their opinion I might be the wrong, and they were the right one.

I have seen a lot of people who use to remain unsatisfied with their company or organization. Reasons being they all consider themselves as a hard worker, and still they don’t get the proper attention from the higher authorities, and it makes them unsatisfied. But the reality is that their hard work is neither giving any benefits to them as an individual, nor any benefits to the organization or company as well.

Who is a Smart Worker?

You might ask me than who is a smart worker?

Well a smart worker is a person who finishes every tasks assigned to them very cleverly. A person who uses to work smartly is the one who will give better results with less input. A smart worker will always have the tendency to finish every tasks assigned to them within the time limit associated with it.

Qualities of a Smart Worker

Some of the qualities of a smart worker are:

  • He is a clever person.
  • Always wanted to learn new things.
  • Never involved with any sort of back pulling or internal politics of the organization or team.
  • The person who never hesitates with changes.
  • Always try to finish work before the deadlines.
  • Very punctual person.
  • Knows intelligently how to take work from their team.

So those were some of the qualities of a smart worker.

How can I become a Smart Worker?

You might ask me about how I can too become a smart worker. My response is quite simple. Only hard working is not required in this age, you must need to finish things smartly so that people can recognize your talent. Here are some techniques which can help you to become a smart worker:

Be Punctual

Punctuality is the best thing which can make a person great. If you want to upgrade yourself then you must need to be punctual for anything. If you are not a punctual person, you will surely become an unsuccessful person.

It is normally said that you should never go ahead of time nor even go behind it. The person who does left-right with time reaches to the maximum height in their life.

Never Miss any Deadlines

If you want to become a smart worker, then you should know how you can finish a task before the deadlines. Always try to finish all the tasks assigned to you in a proper way and make sure it should never crosses the deadlines.

In one of my previous organization I was working with a manager who uses to shout so much on things which were not proper. Though she was not much popular in employees because of the same attitude, but I learned a big lesson from her. The lesson was to finish things with proper care.

I still use to follow the same.

Don’t Make Things Unnecessarily Lengthy

Some people have this tendency of making things unnecessarily lengthy so that people can understand how much effort they are putting in it. My suggestion is that never try to do so, since a real knowledgeable person will surely understand it soon.

Alert for Results

Every smart worker remains alert for the results of the work which they finish. They always think about the performance of their work and this is something which makes them smart. You never become a smart person if you have the approach of finishing the task assigned to you in anyway.

Always Learn New Things

The smart person always wanted to learn new things. This way the person tries to upgrade themselves. It is something which is very much required. These days companies look for the same in any person they want to recruit.

Develop Unique Talent

With time smart workers will generate some unique talent inside them. It will be something which will make them unique in their team.

Have Patience

Smart workers are having one of the best qualities of having patience. Patience is the most required things if you want to become a successful person. You can also read one of my favorite blog on patience by clicking over here.

Take Right Decisions

The moment you start taking right decisions, you will become a smart worker. The smart worker has the capability of deciding anything in a proper way and at a proper time. Although with experience and time only this capability will develop inside a person.

Have Confidence

If you wanted to become a smart worker then you should have the confidence that you are right in whatever you are doing. If you don’t have the self confidence then how will you fight with others?

If you too don’t have the self confidence then you can read this blog to gain confidence.

So these are some of the tips which can help you in self improvement and can make you a smart worker. Please do let me know your opinion about it. I would be glad to hear your comment or feedback about it.

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