7 Vital SEO Tips for Bloggers!

Do you know why SEO is so important for your blog? Well it is because you can get good numbers of visitors for your blog through SEO. Read on this blog post of mine on 7 vital SEO tips for bloggers.

Many bloggers argue that SEO is not much required for a blog. They can get traffic through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.

I am not against what they claim. It is actually true that you can get decent traffic through these social media sites. The only concern or difficulty which I feel we bloggers face through this medium of traffic is that it is not a regular one.

You might get thousands of visitors through these sites, if you do update things regularly over there. Just left updating your social media profile and see the downfall in the traffic. Although it might not be the case for many websites, but still the general conception is that you can get decent amount of traffic through these sites, if you do regularly update your profile over there.

But on the other hand, with SEO, or traffic through search engines, it is a continuously growing field and if you miss working for your site for a few days too, it should not actually affect the traffic flow of your blog.

It is undoubtedly true that SEO can give you the best possible traffic to your site through search engines. This is the reason why I always insist that every blogger should know SEO.

At least the blogger should know some basics of SEO which can help them to make things proper on their blog.

Here in this blog I would like to discuss about the top 7 vital SEO tips which can give the required boost to your blog posts so that it can start displaying itself in search engine results pages.

7 SEO Tips for Bloggers!

7 SEO Tips for Bloggers!

7 SEO Tips for Bloggers!

Focus on Title and Meta Description

Title of the post and the Meta description plays a major role in the SEO success of your blog. For each blog post which you should write, try to prepare a title which should have the primary keywords for your blog post. In addition also try to write a summary of your blog, which should be of around 200 characters, and can become the Meta description of your blog.

You can also use this summary as the excerpt for your blog too.

Try to use long tail keywords for your title, and also include the same in the Meta description of your blog. It is normally said that you should write your posts for your visitors, but I must say that you should try to write the title of your blog for search engines, which should be liked by your visitors as well.

Always remember the importance of unique page titles in SEO and try to get the same from your creativity. Do also remember the fact that only Title and Meta Descriptions are going to display in search results, so these are so crucial that these can even attract many people to click on your link in search engine results pages.

You can also read my blog on how to create a perfect title for your blog.

Targeting Keywords

We SEO’s usually say that the age of keywords has gone, but it is not that much true as well. Keywords are not obsolete now. Yes using them in Meta keywords field is obviously history now.

As I mentioned above that try to select a long tail keywords for your title, it is always better to compete for those long tail keywords. Try to select a set of 3-4 keywords for each blog post of yours. Try to grab less competitive and highly searched keywords.

Now let me clear a doubt of many bloggers about keywords over here. When you search keywords from Google Adwords Keyword Tool, you will see a competition field over there, similar to this one:

Meaning of Competition in Google Adwords

Meaning of Competition in Google Adwords

Many people do assume the same as the competition and decides about keywords through it. But it is not the actual competition for their keywords. It is actually showing the competition for that particular keyword in Google Adwords program. It can be useful if you want to run a Google PPC ad campaign for your site, not for analyzing competition through search engines.

Just look for the average monthly searches from here and then check its competition in Google search after using the Google search features. Just take the keyword and put it under double quotes and search the same in Google and you will get the number of competitors for it. Let’s say you wanted to know the competition of a keyword what is SEO, then search this: “what is SEO” in Google and it will give you the exact number of competition in Google search.

Maintain the data in an Excel file and pick keywords based on maximum number of searches and minimum numbers of competitors. This will give you a fair chance to appear in search results.

You can also read my blog on how search engines work to understand the way search engines pick sites to display in search results.

Focus on Proper Tags

Many people consider tags as a waste thing when it comes to blogging. But if you ask me I don’t consider tags field as a waste thing. Honestly forget about search engines, but when a person reaches to your blog and try to find something relevant through the search feature of your blog, the tags plays a very crucial role over there.

Similarly there are fair chances that Google might also display your blogs tags page on search results, and then if a visitor reaches your sites tag page and did not found proper link on that page, it might disappoint them. So to increase the user satisfaction you must need to make sure that all the blogs with that particular search term should have those in the tags field, so that it should display that particular blog.

Honestly tags are a way to sort and display your blog posts. So I must say you should always put relevant keywords in tags field.

Quality Content

No one can ignore this factor of the quality contents for the success of any blog. It is indeed true that content is the king. The 80% of your SEO is over if you have the best possible content ready with you.

So, from the SEO perspective of a blogger, you should always focus on providing quality content to your readers. Many people these days consider that the length of the content should be longer, and the word count should be higher, but in fact the quality of your content is the thing which matters a lot than the quantity. No matter how frequently you blog, or how lengthy you post, but the thing which matters the most is that it is giving some value to your readers or not.

You can also read my blog post on how to make quality content on your blog to understand how you can produce quality content for your blog. Do remember the tricks that think before you write. You can read as many blogs, article, and journals on that particular topic, but write whatever your mind is saying. This will help you to produce original and authentic content.

Try to sue short lines and paragraphs to present your content. It will make them understandable and people use to like such posts. Use headings and sub-headings to make your content attractive.

Social Media Promotion

Now that you had the best content on a particular topic, it is your duty now to let people know about it. Don’t forget to provide the option of social media sharing to your readers. If they liked your post, they won’t hesitate in sharing the same to their social media profile. Honestly it is not enough, you can also create an account on Twitter, a page on Facebook, Google+, and a board on Pinterest, and share all your new posts over there.

Many people prefer to use automated programs to share their posts on those sites, from some perspective it is also good that the moment you publish the blog it automatically goes to those sites.

Links, Links and Links…

We all know that links plays a very vital role in the SEO of any website or blog. These days its importance has increased many times. You need to consider these many things while creating a new blog post.

The most important thing which you need to do with your posts is posting some internal links in between them. It should not look like you inserted the link without having any relevance, but it should be placed wisely, as I try to do in my posts.

Second thing you need to give links to some external websites, which has quality content related to your topic. Like for this blog I can give you some quality links from where you can get even better idea than my blog and those are:

5 SEO Tips for Bloggers

10 tips for an awesome and SEO-friendly blog post

7 SEO Basics and How To Rock At It

These external links to informative and quality sites will make your own content powerful.

The third and last thing which you can do after publishing your blog post is to try to make links for your blog. Try to post useful blog comments on relevant sites to get links for your blog, and you can also go for guest blogging to get links to your blog and site. You should try all the quality ways to build as many links as possible for each of your blog post, but then you should remember that only authentic source and ways should be used for building links.

You can also read one of my blog on the 7 ingredients which can help you to improve your blog content.

Regular Updates

Other than all these tips you also need to update your blog on a regular interval so that your blog should get the required attention from search engines. Normally people do have the misconception that they must need to post a blog on a daily basis. Honestly it is not compulsory to have posts on a daily basis but you can fix a regular schedule to update your blog.

You can either post a new blog on a weekly basis, or bi-weekly basis, or on a fortnight or a monthly basis as well, or you can even post a new post on a few hours gap also, but the thing is that you should regular with your schedule.

So these are the 7 SEO tips which can help you to get the required position in search engines for your blog post. I am sure you must have liked what you have read over here. If so then please don’t forget to leave your comment over here or you can also share this post in social media sites.

I will wait for your comments on it. Meanwhile you can also check this blog post of mine on how to increase traffic on your blog.

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