How to Select the Best Design for your Blog?

Do you admire the design of my blog? Do you know the importance of a great design behind the success of your blog? Do you know the secret of how to select the best design for your blog? Read on this blog post of mine to know more about how to select the best design for your blog.

In your opinion which is the first thing which strikes the mind of your readers when they arrive at your blog?

Ideally, it is your blog design. No matter how great writer you are, no matter how good your posts are, no matter how interesting your blog content are, the things which can spoil the spirit of your high quality content is the design of your blog.

Did you get a chance to read my blogs on how can you earn from your blog or how to make money from blogging, the most important tips which I can share about earning from your blog is that you should have the best design, else your affiliate program, or banner links, etc. won’t return you anything.

Before selling anything to your readers, you first need to establish your authority in front of them. A professional and elegant design of your blog helps you to do exactly the same.

How to Select the Best Design for your Blog?

How to Select the Best Design for your Blog?

How to Get the Best Design for your Blog?

So how can you select the best design for your blog? How can you select a design for your blog on which you can be proud of?

When I am saying best design for your blog, it simply doesn’t means that I am referring paid or premium designs only. You can get the best design from a free theme as well, the things which matters a lot is that your blog design should be professional, readable, simple, and easily accessible to your readers. If you can get those things in a free theme then I would never stop you to go for the same.

Here are some tips which can help you to select the best design for your blog:

Responsiveness of Blog Design

One of the blog which I shared a few months back was on the benefits of responsive web design only. Ideally during recent time’s responsive blog designs have become the main ingredients behind the success of any blog. Now a day you can’t expect that all the readers of your blog are checking your blog on a single device only.

As I said in many blogs of mine that user satisfaction is the most important thing these days for search engines to rank any web page, responsiveness of your blog design plays a crucial role in achieving the same. Think about the frustration of a user who accessed your site on his/her mobile phone and find it really difficult to access it.

Doesn’t it will harm your blog’s reputation? Doesn’t it will be a negative impact on your hard earned SEO rankings?

Obviously it will. It will harm the reputation of your blog if a user opens it at a particular device and find it difficult to browse through it. It will also impact your search engines ranking in a negative way.

So the most important things to consider for choosing a perfect design for your blog is to check if it is responsive or not? After using any particular blog design your blog looks-a-like in all the browsers or not?


Readability of your blog is quite important as far as the user satisfaction is concerned. It includes the factors like fonts, colors, ads placements, and good navigation. A good combination of all these things can be clearly seen and noticed by readers.

All these things played a crucial role in decreasing the bounce rate of your blog. You should always chose a readable font for your blog, and the font size along with the color combination should be the one which don’t compel the readers to strain their eyes to read your blog.

And you know the fact about ads placement, if it is not placed properly, it won’t return you a single penny. And good navigation is a thing which certainly reduces the bounce rate of your site.

Combining all these things will increase the readability of your site, although I must admit that these things are the one which you can clearly customize later as well.

Browser Compatibility

As I said about readability, browser compatibility is not something which you can customize later. Though you can do it up to an extent, if you have a very good command over coding and know the basics and advanced level of programming, but still browser compatibility is one of the most important criteria behind selecting the blog design.

A few years back people were facing issue with the design of their blog on IE6, but now almost all the browsers has the capacity to display the same design in the similar way. Though checking the compatibility of your blog design on multiple browsers is very much required.

Blog Loading Time

Before that I say anything about blog loading time and its importance, I might ask my readers to first read my blog on top 5 blog designing tips. Blog loading time is the most important aspect which I discussed on that blog.

Try to decrease the blog loading time of your blog as less as possible. It is a crucial factor behind the ranking of your blog on search engines these days.

SEO Friendly Design

Some designing companies know exactly how to please the search engine giants through their coding. It is not a hidden fact these days that Google loves neat and simple coding and ranks those sites which uses it.

Hence, complex code design is not a thing which any SEO will recommend now. While selecting the best design for your blog, always look for the search engine optimized and SEO friendly blog design.

My Recommendations for Best Themes

By the way if you know me, then you must be aware that I prefer to recommend only those things which I myself use and can recommend on the basis of my own experience. Considering all the factors above, I will recommend these three companies for themes:

My Theme Shop

We know that MTS is becoming the most lovable brands these days, as far as premium themes are concerned. The reason why I prefer them over others; and you know the fact that my blogs I News India and Tech Acid are using MTS themes only, is their simple, neat, clean, and responsive and SEO friendly design and the fact that they are the most cost effective designs available.

Ideally you can get any theme for a mere $35 price which is actually cheaper than any other premium themes, and all the themes by them are having all the above mentioned qualities.

You can check their themes at: My Theme Shop Themes.

Studio Press

The best thing with the themes of Studio Press is the fact that they uses Genesis framework, which makes them simply awesome. The only issue with their themes is that they are a bit costly compared to any other themes, so I recommend them at the second number.

Theme Junkie

The special features of Theme Junkie themes are that they are simple, fast and responsive, which makes them special among others.

So these were some of the tips and recommendations about how to get the perfect design for your blog and the importance of the blog design behind the success of your blogging career. You can also check this blog of mine on how to improve your blog design.

You know what if you are a serious blogger, or a casual one, but your blog design has the capability to establish yourself as a professional blogger. So don’t miss the chance to upgrade your blog which can establish yourself as a pro or experienced blogger.

Please do share your opinion about this blog post of mine. Do let me know if I missed something on this blog post.

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