How to Create a Perfect Title for Your Blog?

As per a general perception, around 80 to 90% of the readers of a blog read the title only and others keep reading the entire blog. We know the importance of title but how to create a perfect title for your blog? Read on this blog to understand the same.

Although let me clarify one thing over here only, I won’t ever consider myself as a perfect blogger, who is an expert in creating deadly titles of his blogs. In fact I am a learner as well and trying my best to master some basic things essentially required for blogging. Creating a killer title is also the part of the same.

What can make a good headline?

Well during last few years, I realized the most essential things required for the success of a blogger. It is undoubtedly the perfect headline of the blog and the starting line or paragraph of the same.

I firmly believe that most of the visitors skip through these two things only. Only a few people seem interested to read the entire story thereafter. Or you can say that these two things are something which compels a reader to read the entire blog.

As I mentioned in one of my previous blog on the importance of unique page title in SEO, that title is the essential element of your blog or article, which influences the click through ratio of your site. Also those who are a regular visitor of my blog must have gone through my blog on how to write an eye catching and great blog post; the very first thing on which I focused on was the eye catching title and headlines.

How to Create a Perfect Title for Your Blog?

How to Create a Perfect Title for Your Blog?

How to Create a Perfect Title for Your Blog?

Every blogger might suggest you to make a perfect or killer title for your blog, but no one will guide you about how to do so? Let me give a few tips which might help you to create a perfect title for your blog.

Restrict Word Limit

Understand the fact that mostly search engines ignore displaying anything written after 65 characters. So try to implement the same limit on the title you create for your blog.

Don’t ever try to do the mistakes of creating a lengthy title for your blog. Readers prefer reading short and crispy title. Ideally the best titles of a blog are normally consisting of 6 words maximum.

Try to make a title, which can tell everything but less to read. Such titles are having better chances to gain the attention of the readers.

Use How To

Normally how to blogs are the one which is normally read by many people.

If you want to make a perfect title for your blog, try to make it as a reply to a common question. People normally searches for their concerns and questions and want to read titles which provide the response to them.

Make a Personal Relationship

Titles which can attract many readers are those through which the readers can get a personal touch or feelings. Try to use the words like “You” and “Your” in title and the reader can get a personal attachment with it.

Make it Attractive

Try to use the terms like “Benefits” “Essentials” “Unique” etc. to make it more attractive. People seriously relate with such terms and try to read the blog.

Use Numbers

The most read about blogs of my blog are the blogs like 10 benefits of reading, 11 ways to gain confidence, 15 sexiest Indian women, etc. Did you notice the similarity?

All the titles are using a number in it. Other than how to types of blog, these types of titles (I mean which has some numbers like 10, 7, 5, etc.) are mostly liked by visitors.

Include Keywords

The most basic principle of making a perfect title is to include your main keywords in it. It will be very much required from the search engine optimization point of view.

Creating unique and interesting titles of your blog is an art. I am also trying to learn this art. I shared whatever I learnt so far in my blogging journey but I don’t have any hesitation in accepting the fact that I am not yet an expert who can make really incredible titles for my blog.

Practice makes a man perfect. Hopefully with my continuous efforts I will be able to develop perfect titles for my blog posts soon. By the way if I am not aware of any important tips about titles, or if I missed any important thing over here, I would request you to please share the same with us.

Please don’t hesitate in discussing about this blog post of mine. I am be eagerly waiting for your responses. Please do share your opinion about this blog post of mine in the form of comments. Always remember the secret that your blog should always deliver the same thing which you are promising on the title of that blog.

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