Top 7 Blogging Challenges and How to Overcome Them!

We bloggers face so many issues while blogging. Do you know the most common and the top 7 blogging challenges and how to overcome them? Do check this blog post for the same.

Since last one and half months I did not get the chance to update the other blog of mine i.e. Tech Acid. It was something which was continuously making me sick, but since I was too busy with so many things that I had no other option than to leave it as it is.

I usually see similar types of instances with many bloggers. They usually did not either get a chance to update their blog or ignore it. Lack of motivation towards updating their blog, time constraint, lack of visitors, improper marketing and promotion of their blogs are some of the things which stops a blogger to maintain the flow.

Top 7 Blogging Challenges and How to Overcome Them!

Top 7 Blogging Challenges and How to Overcome Them!

Top 7 Blogging Challenges and How to Overcome Them!

Here are some most common and top blogging challenges and how can we overcome them:


Continuous motivation is very much required in the field of blogging. If you seriously want to become a good blogger, you must need to motivate yourself, either by your own or through some other source.

Sometimes it also happens to me as well; I too face the lack of motivation in updating my blog. You might say that since I do update my blog on a daily basis, so there might be chances that I can feel boredom due to it. But actually it has nothing to relate with your daily routine. It has so many external factors.

To be very frank, there are some days on which I don’t want to even write a single word. And I am not the only one who gets such feelings.

This is the moment when reading other blogs helps me overcome the situation. I would suggest everyone to read as much as you can, if are also facing the lack of motivation thing in blogging. You can read blogs, magazine, newspapers, or books as well. You can also check our blog on benefits of reading, hope it can further inspire you to read so many things and overcome the motivation issue.


In my opinion being consistent is very much required for becoming a pro blogger. Consistency is one of the toughest blogging challenges and almost every blogger faces it. Many people has this misconception that when I say consistent in the field of blogging, it means they will have to blog on everyday, which is not true.

Let me tell you that being consistent in the field of blogging means you are post on a regular interval. Let’s say you are blogging on every week, or you are blogging every fortnight, or you are blogging on a monthly basis only.

No matter what interval you chose to blog, but you should always maintain the same. Make a blogging schedule and strictly stick to it. I already mentioned it above that if you are lacking the motivation towards maintaining the consistency then you can simple go through reading so many things. You can also read this blog post of mine on how to become an authority blogger.

Fewer Visitors

Honestly the biggest reason why many blogs got closed within a few months of its starting is that they had absolutely no visitors. It is really tough to get visitors, especially on new blog it becomes a nightmare to get few readers.

Honestly this is something which can demotivate you badly. But then it is something which should not stop you to blog.

I would suggest those who are not getting much visitors; this is a scenario which almost every successful blogger had faced in his/her life. Nothing to worry about it, just keep on writing quality blogs which can influence as many people as possible. And be a part of blogging community sites where you can get a chance to show your blog posts to the community. This way you will start getting visitors, the ultimate things in blogging is that you make followers, thus with your quality blog posts you have the ability to make loyal followers.

Then you should also know about SEO, a process through which you can get visitors to your blog. Many people say that it is a slow process and you will get the results after a certain time period only. Agreed, but then Search Engine Optimization is a process through which you can make your pages proper, so you should start optimizing your blog from the day 1, and soon it will start displaying results.

Fewer Comments

This point is also somewhat related to the previous blogging challenges of the lack of motivation thing. If your blog has not many comments, or absolutely less comments, then don’t be nervous about it. To get comments on your blog you should start doing comments on other blogs.

But do you know how to do comments on blogs? To know more about how you can properly comments on other blogs you can read this blog post of mine. Honestly once you started building relationships with other fellow bloggers of your own niche, people will start following your blog and you will start getting visitors and comments as well.

Social Media Response

A few days back I was traveling in Delhi metro. I usually do so regularly, especially in evening while returning to home from office. One of the fellow passengers who were sitting next to me started talking about mobile internet, which usually shuffles during the metro journey. The reason being train sometimes coming out of tunnel and sometimes going inside tunnel, so random drops of mobile networks is common.

Soon the discussion shifts towards twitter and its response. As per him it is really bad to use this social media site. On the other hand I told him that it is the best media to get response. His opinion was that I must be using many hashtags to get response, which I resisted. I usually use hashtags, but not that much which can actually irritate some of my followers.

While we were discussing the same, I displayed him the twitter notifications page of my twitter profile and he was shocked to see that I had 32 notifications during those 10 minutes of time only. And soon he was much surprised to see that I was having more than 10K followers.

The purpose of sharing this story over here is to let you all know about one of the most common blogging challenges which can actually force a blogger to quit blogging and it is the lack of responses on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.

Honestly in most of the cases, newbie bloggers actually don’t even know how to use those social media websites. You should go through this blog post of mine on how social media can be utilized by small businesses, which is actually very much valid for bloggers as well and how to choose the right social media platform for your blog. Hope these blogs can help you to understand the proper use of social media sites for your blog.

Lack of Time

Generally people have the misconception that blogging is a part time work only and it doesn’t need much time. You can also read my blog on 10 common blogging misconceptions, which can tell you about some commonly spread out blogging misconceptions. To be very frank, it is not an easy task which anyone can do and manage it on part time basis. If I struggle to post on Tech Acid regularly, the reason being it is not easy to create a single post of the types which I usually share on I News India and Tech Acid as well.

So to be very frank lack of time is a big blogging challenge in front of bloggers, to overcome this challenge you need proper planning. If you can manage things properly then lack of time will never be a constraint for you.


To be very frank, these days every second person has his/her blog and if you ask me if I see 10 new blogs daily I realize that 9 out of them are a better blog compared to mine in my opinion. Thus to survive in this scenario becomes tough day by day.

To be very frank, I know that my English is too bad, and my grammar knowledge is also poor, and it all reflects on my blog posts. But then since I am too passionate about blogging and SEO, I usually never feel bad about sharing my knowledge with the world through my blogs. So the thing which is stopping you to blog regularly can be overcome by your passion towards blogging.

If you are passionate about blogging and loves what you write about, no one can stop you to become a good blogger. New people will visit your blogs on a regular interval and become your follower as well.

So that is the all about blogging challenges. I guess I started with blogging mistakes, and then I also write about blogging misconceptions and now this post on blogging challenges. What do you feel about these blogs? Did you like the posts?

Please do share your opinions about all these posts in the form of comments below. I would be glad to hear your opinion about these blogs.

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