How to Become an Authority Blogger?

Every blogger has a dream of becoming an authority in their niche. Is not it? Do you know how can you establish yourself as an authority blogger? Read on this blog post of mine for how to become an authority blogger?

Becoming an authority blogger is not a very complicated thing; you can also become an authority blogger, if you do blog on a serious note and provide information to your readers which they are looking for. As I many a time explained that the best SEO advice which I can give to any blogger is that you should write for what your readers are looking for.

It sounds easy, is not it?

But it is not my dear friends.

It requires lots of dedication, hard work and patience to become an authority blogger in any field.

When I started blogging I was also a learner and learned from many mistakes which I made in between. No one was there who can even guide me or tell me which things are good or which things are bad.

I made so many mistakes in between, and then once again I revamped my blogs and started in a new manner too. I am not at all aware if I have made any success or not but yes this time I am certainly making a mark in this field. People, especially bloggers now like my blogging and SEO tips.

How to Become an Authority Blogger?

How to Become an Authority Blogger?

How to Become an Authority Blogger?

The very first thing which you require to become an authority blogger is the correct approach towards it. Not many people get success in establishing themselves as a blogger whose opinions are being read by many people. There are chances that people are visiting your blog, but how many of them are actually reading your opinion is what matters the most.

Being a blogger who gives SEO tips, blogging tips, self improvement tips and relationships tips, I can be sure of my readers if they actually have gone through my opinion or not. Let me tell you some secrets which can make you an authority blogger:

Correct Approach

Correct approach is the best thing which can help you to establish yourself as an authority blogger in any field. Some people blog for earning some extra money, while some people blog for making their name, no matter for what reasons are your blogging, but the thing which matters a lot is how well are you blogging and how your readers are taking your blog.

If you don’t have the correct approach, your blog posts will easily reflect the same and your readers will also not take you in a serious manner. There are people who only spend one or maximum two hours on their blog daily and still they are getting good results. But then there are some people who are spending more than eight or nine hours daily on their blog and still are not getting good results. The differences between those two types of bloggers are their approach.

See after spending 6-7 years as a blogger, I learned one most important thing in this field, and it is that you will remain a student throughout your blogging life. You will have to learn many new things in your blogging life, and you will have to become a student or learner throughout the journey.

So to establish yourself as an authority or pro blogger you must need to learn new and latest things on a daily basis and then you will have to put them on your blog so that your readers can get the best things.

Continuous Motivation

Motivation is very much required if you want to become a blogger who continuously inspire others. Inspiring people is one of the biggest things and being an unmotivated person you cannot be able to do so.

Every blogger need some sort of motivation to run their blog. Sometimes I too become low and feel a bit less motivated but then at the end I myself come over it and come up with something new. Honestly the blog post on some SEO basics for 2014 was the outcome of the same but it came out as the best blog of mine during recent times.

So if you want to establish yourself as an authority blogger, you must need to know how you can be able to motivate yourself so that you can be able to motivate others.

High Confidence

Confidence is something which is very much required in any field which we choose. Blogging is also not an exception. No matter how experienced you are but when it comes to write and motivate others, your confidence becomes vital.

To be very frank, if you can handover me a mike and ask me to tell the same things to a pool of say 10-20 people, I might become nervous. But when it comes to write for my blog, I don’t have any hesitation in doing so.

High confidence is something which can easily be reflected towards your blog. A reader can easily understand if you are confident enough to write the blog post or not. So no matter which field you do blog about, but do it confidently so that your readers can rely upon you.

You can also check these blog posts of ours on 7 ways to build your confidence, or 11 ways to gain confidence.

Professional Design

Professional design or look of your blog is very much required if you want to establish yourself as an expert blogger. It also includes your own domain name for your blog. A domain name which has the extension like or looks cheap, as normal readers don’t take them seriously.

I guess I already have explained so many times that you should have your own domain name if you are seriously trying to become a blogger, and if possible then go for self hosted WordPress blog only.

No matter which blogging platform you are trying for but make sure that you should not use any free theme or templates for your blog. It will more or less look alike other blogs. Establish your identity in a different way and establish yourself as a brand through your blog.

If you ask me I will always recommend My Theme Shop and Studio Press only for getting professional themes. I myself is using the cloak theme from MTS and really liking it so much.

Unique Content

We all know the importance of unique content in the field of online marketing. But for this blog when I am saying unique content as the requirement to establish yourself as an authority blogger, I want to say that you should always come up with unique things for your readers.

No matter on what topic you blog about, but always remember to give your own opinion and input on those topics. It will give your readers a fresh approach, which they cannot get on some other site. This way you can be able to establish yourself as a pro blogger and soon become an authority.

Maintaining Relationships

Blogging is not all about writing new content and publishing them on your blog; it is certainly more than that. It is a process to establish a relationship with your readers.

This is the age of networking my dear friends, and it’s very much important to have a strong network of people around you to become successful. In blogging also if you have good and strong relationships with your readers, you are surely getting ahead towards the right path.

Honest and Patience

Being an SEO and a blogger, I can tell you that the two things which you require the most are Honesty and Patience. If you want to establish yourself as a pro or authority blogger, you must need an honest approach and patience to survive.

We always say that honesty is the best policy and it is very mush true even in the field of blogging as well. To get results you must need the patience with honest approach. If you don’t have the patience, soon you will say bye-bye to blogging.

Don’t forget to read one of the best ever written blog by me on patience: Patience – The Secret behind a Happy Life!

So those were some of my thoughts on how you can be able to establish yourself as an authority blogger. I guess you all will like it. Please don’t hesitate to share your opinion about it, and one more thing, I want to hear about your opinion on my blogging skills. Do you consider me as an authority blogger?

Please don’t hesitate in responding to this; please do share whatever you feel about my blogs and me as a blogger. I am eager to hear you on this.

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